You’re probably asking yourself…

Who is this person? Self-help whisper-what? Let me explain.

It began a long time ago… this self-help journey-thingy.

(I must digress for a moment. I used to love the word “journey”. It reminded me of sojourns along a lazy river or backpacking through an exotic landscape… and yes, it also reminded me of the psychological and spiritual explorations we all take now and again. But lately, you hear the word too much. Not everything is a journey.)

The first self-help book I read was Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones in the late 1970s. The biggest take-away? All these years later, one thing stands out above all others: I have *choices* about my life.

Fast forward a few decades and you would have found me with a tenuous hold on that truth. Oh, I remembered what Dr. Dyer said… but I didn’t believe it.

But that’s enough about my past — and I mean that! If you know me, you’ll realize it’s a very big deal (indeed!) that I should say that. Why? Because I have been living in the past for too long. What kept me there? Oh, guilt and shame. It’s a cloak I’ve worn for far too long!

I will not be talking about all the blogs I loved before… except to say they existed. I have been a creator/ destroyer for a long, long time. I love to write, so I’d write my heart out and then trash it all. That was, of course, my prerogative. Except, I didn’t believe that either. So, I heaped more guilt and shame on my head.

Something happened a few weeks ago that changed the direction I was headed. Last week, I was hit in the face (not literally) with the truth, learned anew: I have power. I can make my own choices. I am not the needy, guilt-ridden, shame-filled person I was yesterday, last year or last century (ha!).

I have read more self-help books than pretty-much anyone I know. I’ve watched a whack of beautiful, insightful videos and YouTube Ted Talks. I’ve seen some clunkers, too. I’ve listened to music to calm my anxiety or uplift my depression. I have a self-care Pinterest board. I LOVE self-help. I would like this space to be a safe corner to discuss all-things self-help… and I’ll be sharing stories and life-moments that will fit right in. I hope you’ll join me!



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