Bio Moment – Books & Me

Every so often, I will interject with a personal story. I will name them all “Bio Moment” so they’ll be easy to organize later. Today is Day 1. 🙂

My love affair with books began with Nancy Drew. When I was growing up (in the 1960s and 70s) you could often find me curled in a corner – inside or outside – reading one of the classic yellow-spined collection. I was such a fan that I had (and still have and, er,  use!) the Nancy Drew “Clues to Good Cooking” Cookbook. I’m a total nerd, right?

As I explained in one of my earlier posts HERE I didn’t read my first self-help book until the first year of college. By then — in 1977 — self-help was just on the edge of booming. I mean, there were books, of course, that helped people. But a whole “Self-Help” section at the book store? Hadn’t been created yet.

It’s funny how those Nancy Drew books are still a part of my collection – well, in truth, my daughter hIMG-0077as half of them, I have the other half. Long story! LOL But I say this because I have gone through some pretty major book purges over the years.

Back in 2000, I moved thousands of miles away from my home. I had to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Books are heavy. Even CDs seem heavy when you’re weighing luggage. So, I pared down my books by the hundreds and gave them to thrift shops, used bookstores, friends and family.

Funny story, actually, about loaning books. I don’t. Why? Well, lemme tell ya: I once loaned a favorite book to a woman at the church we attended. She was taking a reeealy long time to read it. I suspected foul play. (Insert Dateline “nobody expected murder” voice-over here). In the end, she brought it back, twice the size as what I’d loaned her… because… she’d taken it in the tub to read and dropped it… ya know, in the water. A. Who takes a loaned book into … well, anywhere in the bathroom? B. Who returns it that way? C. Note to self: Never loan books again. Of course, I never learn lessons the first time and again had to remind myself of C (as a reminder, C is never loan books again). However, I will say that I just loaned a book to a friend I trust last week — for the first time in a long, long time. I have a feeling she’ll return it the same size I gave it to her. But I digress.

Several years ago, I did a “Spring Cleaning” clothing and book purge that sent 10 big trash bags to the thrift store. They were heavy. That was my thinking at the time… heavy… do I need all this ‘heavy’? No. But… as you might have guessed… I now wish I had this book… or that book…  because it might have helped me through the dark patches and hurting places. I guess there’s always the library. Which, as an aside, I LOVE! Support your local library!

So, this is a peek at my personal “library” of owned books at this moment. I’m always haunting used bookstores and discount bookstores and thrift stores and garage sales and estate sales and… and… and… so, I expect it to grow. Obviously. LOL

I love books. I love to read. I love to write. It all goes together, me thinks! And I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t go through another brain-wave and purge my books. It’s been known to happen, as you know.

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