Music – Somewhere Only We Know

There are no music notes on the staff… yet! It’s up to you! Let your heart go wild with possibilities…

I could make this a scientific (philosophic, emotional or spiritual) dissertation on the benefits of music. But I am not a scientist (philosopher, et. al.). I am simply someone who appreciates all kinds of music. I have (what I believe is) a very eclectic catalogue… and I’m not sure why, exactly. Maybe it’s just the decade I was born into (the late 1950’s) and the fact that “the oldies” are still so popular. *shrug* There I go, over-thinking things.

When I was a little girl, I loved the soundtrack to The Sound of Music and a particular song of Andy Williams: Moon River. As a young teenager, I loved Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt , Jim Croce and Bread. The first album I ever owned was The Best of Bread. * As I got older, I came to appreciate Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Beatles, Elvis Costello.. and I still loved my soft-rock of my earlier years.

These days, with a lifetime of experience behind me… I’ve added some country, folk, bluegrass, songwriters (don’t even get me started on Leonard Cohen – swoon!) and even some current stuff.

There are certain artists and songs that remind me of people I love. Like Jose Feliciano singing Light My Fire. My dad had an album I borrowed a zillion times when I was a teenager. Man, I love his voice! My mother will always be Van Morrison. I played Moondance  and she came running in my room to see who it was. My son is Here Tomorrow Gone Today by Lifehouse. My youngest daughter is Gaga’s Bad Romance. And my oldest daughter is Keene’s Somewhere Only We Know. My husband is Seventh Heaven by Deep Purple. 

And then there’s gospel music. I always felt closest to God while listening to the old time hymns like Amazing Grace or more current offerings like Amy Grant and Sandi Patti’s El Shaddai.

Oh, and Elvis Presley… Elvis Presley… what can I say? I’ll just share my favorite song: I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – Elvis Presley.

Well, that was fun… going to find all that music and sharing it with you here! I love how music can transport you…. and take you to places you haven’t thought about in a long time. It also transforms you…

And that’s what I wanted to talk about today.

Music can be a place you go when you’re too ouchie to talk, too tired to reach out, too blinded by tears to read. It can be excellent “self-help”.

I love music sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Do you? What are you favorite “go-to” songs when times are tough?

I could go on and on and on… I’ve already thought of three artists I wished I shared here. The list would be endless!

I plan to make a list of “self-help” music and share it in a later post. If you have a song you’d like on the list, share it here and I’ll include it. 🙂

*I should probably say that while I have all these songs on CD or albums, I don’t know how to download them or even if I should (on a blog). So, I’m linking YouTube videos. It’s not ideal… but I encourage you to buy the artist’s music if you like it. This is meant as only a sample and down the road, the links may sour if someone decides they don’t want their stuff on YouTube anymore.   



  1. I completely agree with different songs reminding me of different people. There are certain songs and I will remember someone and a very specific memory of a time that song played or we were singing. It is quite amazing how music affects people.

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