Photography as self-help – The Beginning

I’ve had a rough week. I wrenched my knee and have been hobbling for the last six days. My ultrasound and x-rays aren’t until next week. I could wallow… but I’m not gonna. Instead, on my way home from work, I stopped along the lake and took some photos with my phone. It gave me an idea… about how being grateful and finding the beauty around us can lift our mood… and be very healing! So I’d like to share some of my photography with you. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

The first, shadowy, dusk photo was taken on a Sunday evening, as my husband and I sat on a bench nestled in between homes along Lake Ontario. The rest were taken on my way in or way home from work. The reason I say this is because, at the time, I was very unhappy at work. Looking back, I know the reasons and they don’t matter now. They really didn’t matter then, either, but I didn’t know that. The thing is, I knew I needed an outlet… and finding the beauty around me did the trick.

In the case of the snowy bench, houses are being built on the land behind it and there will never be that exact scene again. That’s pretty neat, too, don’t you think?

There is SO MUCH beauty around us! It doesn’t matter what time of year it is! Although, my co-worker and I were talking today and were laughing about how the first snow is so beautiful… and by January we’re kinda grumbling… and by February, the snow is horrible and hideous. Grrrrr.

Being surrounded by water helps this California girl feel a little better about not seeing the Pacific Ocean. However, it affects the weather… lake effect snow and heavy, desperate humidity in the summer.

I still love it here!

Tell me… does looking at these photos make your blood pressure go down? Do you breathe more deeply? I hope so! I just wanted to share something lovely today. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!



  1. These photos are so incredible! Photography is such a calming thing that you can fully through yourself into and get lost in the moment, it’s great! ❤
    I hope everything turns out all right in the end with your knee!!! 🙂

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