Essential Oils – Makes scents

I am very *very* sensitive to scents. I get wicked migraines when people around me wear perfume or cologne… and the sweeter, the worse it is!

When I was a teenager, all the girls were wearing Love’s Baby Soft and Strawberry-scented stuff. If you click on the link for the Love’s Baby Soft, you’ll go to a really interesting article that also shows a few advertisements from the time (1974, I believe. And boy, was some of it creepy, in a sexualizing-little-girls kinda way). I felt like I was gonna barf on a daily basis. I wore Cachet by Prince Matchabelli, whoever he was. <<<Kidding, he wasnt a real person. He was a perfume line that was super popular in the 1970-80’s. You may remember the Windsong jingle: Click here to listen.

Later, when I was in my 20’s, Charlie was all the rage. By then, I could wear some perfumes… but they could not be sweet. At all.

In my 30’s, anything by Liz Taylor line was totally out! She was the most popular perfumer (is that what you call it?) of the day. I remember one woman where I worked wore White Diamonds and it made my teeth ache. Elizabeth Taylor was so popular and beautiful… and her perfumes were higher end. Now it’s sold at WalMart. Around this time, I found Bath and Body Works. They had a couple of “natural” scents that seemed okay… one was a ginger/ orange and the other was called Juniper Mist. However, my memory seems to be off as the only thing I could find online is called Juniper Breeze.  I’d buy the hand soaps and candles… soaps and lotions… and that was be my “signature” scent.

Everything changed when I turned 45. Call it peri or pre-menopause, but everything… as in EVERY. Thing. made me sick. To my stomach, my head (migraines) and even my skin broke out. If I breathed it, like incense, it gave me asthma and sinus attacks. I had to be content to smell like dirt and so did my husband. We used to joke about it… but it really isn’t very funny. It’s sad, kinda. Because I like to smell nice!

So, when I found something that I tolerated, and enjoyed, I jumped on it! It was at my pharmacist and I bought one the day I first smelled it. Then I came back two weeks later, after a trial run, and picked up all the bottles they had left. Turns out, they only had two bottles left. And then, as so often happens when you find the “perfect” thing, they stopped stocking it after that. Luckily, you only need a drop. So, I keep them safely ensconced in the dark recesses of my undies drawer, purse and desk drawer at work.

imageI blew up this photo so I can see what’s in it. This combo of ingredients is magical. It’s feminine but not cloying, natural but not after-shave-y and doesn’t smell edible, which is always a plus… oh, and yes, it is calming (hence the “Sleep” on the front of the bottle. It does NOT, however, put me to sleep!)

So, maybe I’ll have to order these essential oils separately and see if I can replicate this stuff.

Wish me luck!

I know a lot of people swear by essential oils for physical, emotional and spritual reasons. Me? I rely on it to smell good. I think that’s okay, too.

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