Easy like Sunday – pERfectiON Not REquirED


I am taking so many meds these days. Such a bummer. Hopefully, I can cut back on some of them as my health improves. In the meantime, I can’t keep track of what I’ve taken and what I still need to take on any given day… so, I decided to make a chart.

I was going to make it on my computer because Excel is one heck of a nice program but… I wanted to draw out what I needed first. So, I found a piece of blank paper (pink, isn’t it lovely?), a pen and ruler. Then I started mapping it out. If I made a mistake, I went over it with white-out and corrected. I didn’t need to worry because the shiny, new, perfect copy would be done later. It would then be printed out and placed on our fridge, where I would fill in the daily check marks, so I won’t get lost in medicationville.

When I finished the graph… I did a little editing with more white-out. The pen started leaking so there was a gloppy line or two. Also, I drew two or three of the lines too close to words, which looks unprofessional and messy. No problem, I told myself, I was only working on a draft that nobody would ever see.

And finally, I finished my graph, sat in front of the computer and opened Excel.

It was only then that it hit me.

Why was I putting all that I had just created with my own little hands onto a digital spreadsheet? This was not a school assignment or a work project. It is a graph to keep track of my daily medication. Nobody who isn’t invited into our home will see it and even if they did… so what?

So, I came here to write instead. To share with you that even after a lifetime of working on myself… I still expect and require more of myself than is necessary. Creation and destruction… I do it all the time.

But the GOOD NEWS is… I caught it! I caught myself! I DO NOT NEED perfection in all things. In fact, I would wager… very FEW things. This is certainly not one of them! All I need to do is make copies of what I’ve already worked so hard on. Done and done!

So, onward we go… you and I… on our self-help journey. Step by step, we’ll get there. Where is there? Wherever we are!

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