Bio Moment – Hello 2018!

I am not usually one for resolutions. While I like the idea of setting goals, resolutions have usually been (for me) unattainable ridiculousness. Reality was not a word that paired with the kinds of resolutions I made.

Over the years, I have promised myself that I would …

  • lose 100 pounds (not 5, not 50, because, after all, I *need* to lose 100 so might as well include it all!)
  • eat and/or drink things that provide something I need but hate the taste of  (liver comes to mind, along with liquid iron, for example. Haven’t tried it? One word of caution if you do: It tastes like actual, literal barf.)
  • exercise outside (Today, it’s 15.8 degrees F. That’s below freezing. In the summer, it’s oppressively humid. Like, you walk outside and your hair sweats. Bottom line: I have asthma and severe allergies. Walking is possible but often not the wisest choice as it can trigger asthma that can knock me down for days.)
  • grow out my hair (think Cryptkeeper0a6775316f22a8d349d62491d38ccd02 (I either need to color it and have it done religiously  – every three weeks – or keep it short and natural.)
  • Reach out to someone who hates my guts. Win them over. Mend the fence. (Oh, I forgot. I have no control over other people. I have put myself in very [emotionally and otherwise] dangerous situations trying to make this one fly.)

See, here’s the thing about resolutions and me… I tend to make them so far-reaching that Stretch Armstrong couldn’t rein them in.

So, here’s what I decided to do this year. I decided to pick ONE WORD. This ONE WORD will be the focus of what I do to take care of myself and others.

I have chosen the word NURTURE.

How did I come up with this? It started with my elbows. I know, weird. I was putting on a sweater and my elbow snagged… you know, like velcro. You may wonder if I have lotion at home and use it? Yes and no. Yes, I have it. No, I don’t often use it. Why? Because I’m lazy. I’m one of those people who actually believe that the body should be able to take care of itself without me interfering. This is beyond idiotic as any woman over 30 will tell you — oh, and yes, some men, too.

I wasn’t always this way. I used to love all my lotions and potions… and still do, as they sit on my dresser looking pretty.

Somewhere along the line, when I got a migraine from the scent of one or sweaty like I’d put on plastic dressing after using another… I just stopped using them.

This is dumb on so many levels, including my wallet, as the last “big” purchase I made was at my dermatologist’s office. It was $85 face cream. He said I needed it. I believed him. My face is dry! So, I bought it. I’ve used it a grand total of… five times? In seven months? Yeah, bad, bad body-taker-carer-of person!

So, the first person on my list to nurture is myself.

Here’s what it means to me: more water inside and out, more good food, good books, good care… of my body and soul. From bubble baths to visits with friends who care about me. From writing on this blog to drawing, which I love! From saving money to drinking from the china tea cups I’ve put up and admired but never use.

And most of all… loving myself, with all my flaws, wrinkles and anything else you can see in the photo of me that I attached. It’s me — today — sans make-up. Just me in my skin in all my 59-yr-old-i-ness.

Like her? Yep, I do. Love her? That, too. But some days, I forget. I’m just leaving this here to remind myself…

Worth it.

Nurture her.

Do you have a one-word resolution? I’d love to hear it!



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