Elf-help Books – Let your prayer be short. Love needs few words.

Sometimes, you just need a tiny thing to feel better.

These little books are written by different folks but are all illustrated by one folk: R. W. ALLEY.

Elf-help books (Abbey Press) are charming, sweet and filled with childlike wonder.

They are small enough to carry in a purse or pocket. They’re all about 35 pages long with facing pages of sweet thoughts on one side and illustrations on the other.

My little treasures are twenty years old, black, white and sepia, as you can see on the featured photo.

My first book arrived on Christmas – a gift from my mother, who – as you know – has been the giver of many great things. It’s called Keep-life-simple Therapy and is written by Linus Mundy. The pages are wrinkled, ear-marked and smudged. I carried it in my purse for years, taking it out to read while I waited for someone in the car or in a grocery line. They’re perfect little reminders of what’s important.

I chose to write about this today because I spent some time working on an attendant page of information and crisis numbers (as seen here). It’s a huge project and one that will take weeks, if not months to complete. I can tell, because I spent two hours just creating the very small part that’s been done so far.

I couldn’t NOT write because it’s been several days. I don’t like to put too many days between posts…

Which reminds me…

Yesterday, I wrote in my journal. For the first time in two months.

What? Two MONTHS?

I know. Right?

But I digress.

Anyway, I chose my little elf books today because they’re sweet and wonderful. There are many, many subjects, as I know you’ll see when you visit their website. (Okay, here is it again!)

Please let me know if you order a few yourself. They just make you feel good!

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