Tony Robert’s Interview – Re-blog by The Bipolar Writer/ Author: James Edgar Skye

Every so often, I will reblog a post that is especially meaningful, uplifting and/or is just special. This is my first reblog!! I found this article insightful and engaging.  Very important reading about the life of a man with Bipolar I (with psycholtic features) and ending the stigma of mental illness.  ~ The Self-Help Whisperer

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This is another addition to my series of “feature interviews” of my fellow bloggers in the mental illness community. You can find the entire series here.

Tony Robert’s Interview Feature

The journey.

It can be the best and the worst of times when dealing with a mental illness. In this life, we often don’t get to see the long-term effects of a diagnosis of Bipolar One. The stigma of the label “mental illness” hasn’t always been good, but the more we voice our stories, the better. The battles with depression waged over a long period of time can take its toll. Since starting to write The Bipolar Writer blog, I have seen stories that reflect short small samples of time living with a mental illness.

Tony Roberts of Columbus, Indiana, gives us a glimpse of the long-term effects of a diagnosis. It was in 1995 when Tony received his…

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