Your Heart’s Desire – Are you ready to claim it?

Your Heart’s Desire is not the only book I have by Sonia Choquette. She’s one of those neat people whose authentic, spiritual energy exudes through the written word.

Her books are like storybook/workbooks. She weaves narrative and lessons like a gentle rowboat on a placid lake… and I know it sounds syrupy… but it’s true!

It may help that I received this book from my favorite self-help book provider (Mom 🙂 ). She’d gone to a conference and came home bearing gifts.

The other neat thing she had for me was a CD they played during the seminar.  SingYourHeartsDesireThe singer, Mark Stanton Welch sang songs that went along with her talk and also went with the book. He was a one-man band and singer. Kinda neat. (If interested, you can listen to some of his music HERE. If you like it, click on his site. This CD is offered in his online store) I listened to that CD a trillion times. For years. It brought me a lot of joy and comfort.

This book is one that I wrote directly into… and wish I hadn’t. It has lots of questions and charts and kept me busy for a solid six months. For real. And those six months were a healing time, all around.

Well, I wasn’t planning on going here, but here is where I landed. Story time. 

It was 2003. Wait… I know I wrote a post about that time in my life… in a long-ago blog. Now where is that? Ah, yes… here it is:

2003 My Parents – written in my very first blog, Gratitude Zone Jan, 2013

All you need to know is that I lost everything. Not just once, but twice. While my story is ultimately one of redemption, there were stops along that road… some in beautiful fields filled with sunlight… some in deep valleys of darkness.

It was the spring, 2003, though you’d never know it by the weather. It had been snowing non-stop for days after an especially snowy winter. It was like a scene from a tragic love story. My husband stood at the curb waving, trying to stay brave. I watched him for as long as I could as I was driven away in a shuttle headed for the airport. I was numb. It felt surreal and indeed, it was. It would be six months before I’d see him again.

Looking back, I’m not even sure how the decision for me to leave was made. That part is a blur. He lost his job. I was still unable to work legally, after the September 11, 2001 attacks stopped my immigration process cold. My retirement money was gone. We had nothing left and no way to pay for anything. His mother cleared a space in her basement, enough for a twin bed. She graciously took him in, with our cat. I was heading to California. To my parents house. It had been 23 years since I’d eloped with my first husband and come home the next morning to announce I was moving out. Now I was coming home.

What can I tell you about those six months? I hardly know where to begin. But I do know where to end. In the fall of 2003, I was able to come home to my husband, who had worked very hard rebuild our life together. There is another story to be told about that – this man who found a job and walked in the freezing rain and snow to get to it, for example. Don’t worry, it will be told, eventually. Today, it is all about my parents. Because of them, the woman who came back to my husband was not the same one who left.

My parents took me into their home and healed me in body and soul. They supported me in every imaginable way and took me with them everywhere, including (if you can believe this!) on a vacation they’d planned a year before – and what a blessing those days were. Our vacation home was in Northern California, overlooking an ocean inlet where an otter came to play every single day. Flocks of pelicans flew by the picture windows that stretched all the way around the house. We walked along the cliffs and went to restaurants and gardens… and the sound of the crashing waves put me to sleep every night. It was a magical time for me.

What I am *most* thankful for is the relationship that blossomed with my parents because of this time we had together. And we never would have had the time together had my husband and I not lost everything the way we did. I will never, ever forget the gift my parents gave me… and I cherish them for it.

So, there you go. That’s what was happening when I got this book. It was at a time when I needed to find direction… and my heart’s desire.

This book will guide you and open your heart and mind to be led by your intuition and your God. It is a book of instructions. It is a book of hope. It’s just an all-around neat book about finding out what your heart’s desire IS. Enjoy it!


  1. This book has transformed my life and the music of Mark is a beautiful addition to it. I nearly listen to it on a daily basis. I have send my gratitude to Mark and has given me a wonderful and humble reply on it.

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