Larceny as self-help – Fun With Dick & Jane and Mad Money

Today will be a different kind of post. Buckle up!

Can I begin with a peeve? I’m gonna.

So, I went to find the links to the movie titles I’ve referenced. I began with Fun With Dick and Jane. I’ve linked the one I wanted from 1977’s movie with George Segal and Jane Fonda. But what I want to say …

Reboots. Ugh.

The first link that came up was this one, from 2005. I like Jim Carrey and all but honestly, the reboot stunk. On ice.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what the heck I mean by “on ice”. Well, if you watch the first Fun With Dick and Jane, you’ll know that Ed McMahon says “It stinks. On ice.” What does it mean? Who cares? It’s funny. In fact, the whole movie is funny. It’s more than funny, for someone who knows what it is to be unfairly let go from a job, stayed at home to raise children while the other partner worked, or visited a welfare office or … and this is most important … had to think outside the box to make ends meet.

I don’t like reboots. I mean, generally. Why? They’re usually not as good. Usually, worse. I mean, if something was good the first time, why mess it up?

Maybe it’s my age and wanting you to accept me as I am. (Oh, self-help-y!) Yeah, someone can come along and claim to be a better me. But they won’t be! I’m the only me that matters. You know, on the me-o-meter.

What’s it have to do with Mad Money? Well, it’s a much better incarnation (kinda/sorta in a thematic kind of way) of Fun With Dick & Jane. Why? Because it’s about…

Wait. This is funny. I’m going to reboot some of my words. Hahaha! I make me laugh. 

Because it’s about… blah, blah work… blah, blah unhappy… or … and this is most important … thinking outside the box to make ends meet.

What does this have to do with self-help? Well, besides the little glimpse I gave of myself above (the me-o-meter) there is a reason why I found these two movies to be so engaging.

I’ve mentioned my life of deprivation before (most recently HERE). Here’s the thing: Before I was born, I may have made a choice to be continually deprived in this life.

If there is such a thing as luck, I got none of it. I’ve worked hard, tried to do the right things, given to those less fortunate, spent too much money on a list of things too long to share, and made both good and bad decisions about money.

I’ve put money in savings accounts, only to have to take it out to pay for emergencies… or… you know… to live.

I’ve sold everything I own. I was nearly homeless and by that I mean, my husband and I lost our home and had to separate for 6 months while I lived with my parents and he lived in his mother’s basement… and we were thousands of miles apart.

What do I have to show for any of it? Precious little. Unless you count everything but money.

Oh, wait.

Like George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life, I am rich in the ways that have nothing to do with my bank account. In fact, I am blessed beyond all reason.

But sometimes, I feel sorry for myself.

I see people going on holidays and able to lift off at a moment’s notice with air miles and vacation hours to spare. I see beautiful houses next to the sea… vehicles with heated seats…  horses in a stable. I see people eating off china plates with silverware that matches.

And then…

I think of Nana’s china teacup I inherited. I gave it to her one Christmas many years ago… along with a CD of beautiful music. I know she loved it and used it. Now I use it. That cup is infused with us both. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

I have a husband who adores me, cats who tolerate me (lol), my parents and my children, my family and friends…

And yes, some possessions that are treasured because they have the energy of people I love.

How lucky am I? Very.

Dear Lord, thank you for everything I have.

By the way: I don’t know what I actually believe about reincarnation and whether or not we actually chose our life on earth. Here’s a neat article, if you’re interested.

By the way reboot: The movies I mention are fun and cathartic, especially if you’re struggling financially. However, if you have a little larceny in you, maybe you should skip them since they’ll give you ideas. Seriously. lol


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