Bio Moment – Up, up and away!

Nearly three months ago, Dad fell and has been recovering ever since. I have been waaaaay over here (on the east coast) and he and my mom are waaaaay over there (on the west coast). We have all been up and down and up and down… Dad, most of all, of course.

I am flying there tomorrow! Finally! So excited!

I will be with them for five days. Not long enough but better than no days. How well I know, because I’ve been living the no days since this whole thing began.

So, I hope you will take this time to read any posts you may have missed… write a comment… or not. Or… go write a post of your own! Then tell me to read it when I get back. 🙂

I look forward to sharing more wonderful books n’ stuff when I return. Look for a new post on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Uplift each other while I’m gone…

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