QR Codes Kill Kittens – An adult picture book

Nobody wants to kill kittens. At least, nobody I know. And QR codes? Most people don’t even know what they are. 

QR Codes Kill Kittens by Scott Stratten caught my attention cuz… yeah, kittens.

Then, I read the subtitle: How to alienate customers, dishearten employees, and drive your business into the ground.

As a sales rep, which I am in the daylight hours from Monday – Thursday, I strive not to alienate customers. Also, I (myself) wish not to be a disheartened employee. And finally, though I don’t own the business for which I give my blood, sweat and tears, I would prefer not to drive it into the ground. 

Also… for crying out loud… kittens. Did I mention that?

First of all, since it’s very important, no kittens were harmed or killed for this book or blog post.

Secondly, QR stands for “Quick Response”. There. Now we both know. 

IMG_0516Finally, this book is hilarious.

But it’s also truthful. Or, I should say, the things written in this book are truthful. You know, according to the author Scott Stratten.

And Forbes.

And me.

Now look, sometimes I have lots of important things to say about the books I share. This isn’t one of those times.

It’s just that this book made me laugh. Out loud. Sometimes it was a “Ha!” and sometimes, it was a headshaker along with a rolly-eye thingy. And sometimes, it was a chuckle that turned into a guffaw that led to a ten minute laughing jag that made me run for my asthma inhaler.

And it all felt so… well, it’s been said: truthful.

Also, it felt universal. Like… we ALL get this! I mean, seriously. Look at the page above… craptcha. That alone made me chuckle. But it goes further.

[on soapbox] Are you like me? Having to fill in those damned things four times because you can’t read it? Or you type a capital letter? Or it’s too blurry to read and you guess? Or a million and twelve other things that could go wrong with that stupid thing!!!!! And does it actually help? I’m asking. Seriously. Does it prove we’re not a robot? Really? Ahem. [off soapbox]  

So, listen. While we could label this book as “Self-Help” by virtue of the fact that it’s about being a good employee, employer, steward, etc. etc. etc…. ultimately, it’s a book that any past/ present/ future business person will relate to and laugh at.IMG_0515

Laughter. I love to laugh. And that’s a whole ‘nuther self-help topic, isn’t it?

Ah yes, on the subject of humor and laughter, I could be very busy indeed.

Next time, perhaps.


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