Bio Moment – Almost an Ocean

I come from Southern California… and boy, oh boy, do I miss the Pacific Ocean!

I miss the soulful pull of the ebb and flow… the sound of the seagulls… the massive power of the waves as they crash along the shore … the diamonds that sparkle on the surface as far as the eye can see… and the scent of salty air mingled with coconut-scented lotion. Can the Beach Boys be far behind?

Lakes are not oceans… I mean, yes, we  know lakes are generally fresh water and oceans are salt water. But it’s more than that. In California, Big Bear and Arrowhead Lakes, for example, are bodies of fresh water one skis on or fishes from… or just floats around in a rowboat. You can see the whole thing in less than a day. Scenic tours are like… an hour… maybe two.

These lakes are surrounded by pine trees and camp sites. Houses are either like cottages or mansions (some are a combination of both! *swoon*). There are some year-round houses there but many are vacation-only fare. Both areas have little villages that offer cocoa and hot hearty meals in the winter, iced tea and light meals in the summer. Lots and lots of shopping. Okay, a little kitschy… but so much fun! Always a treat to visit.

So, you can imagine that moving between the oceans… with neither the Pacific nor the Atlantic within my reach… might be… difficult.

Um. Yes!!!

However, living between two of the Great Lakes, as I do, has provided me a bit of solace.

See, the thing is…

Lake Ontario (shown on my featured photo and the one below) represent a kind of lake that is so vast, it reminds me of an ocean.


I’ve talked about my love of water and all-things nautical HERE, where I also shared my pile-o-books about ghost ships and shipwrecks of the Great Lakes.


It may seem like (surely!) everything that can be known about the Great Lakes is known. Well… there is a lot! For example, take a look at this!

Lake Ontario is actually the smallest Great Lake in surface area. Can you believe that? How big must Superior be?

Every day, on my way to work, I pass by this lake. The day-to-day changes in color amaze me. Today, it was the lightest green, close to the shore, and deep, dark blue out on the horizon. Sometimes, it feels like I’m in the Caribbean!

As you can tell, I love living so close to this Lake that feels like an ocean. Consequently, I have taken many, many shots, some of which I have shared here.

Whenever I can, I do visit my beloved Pacific. But in-between, I feel very blessed to have this Lake so close (and others, within driving distance).

If I close my eyes, I can almost smell the salt air.



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