Easy like Sunday – Come, sit…

Every once in a while, I have an icky, crunchy, yucky day. Today is one of them.

Please sit next to me here… in the sunshine… next to the water.

Okay… so… *sigh* … here’s the haps.

I have spent the last two hours trying to accomplish several things that should have taken a grand total of one half hour. Ugh. How annoying!

I normally do not use this space to bitch and complain but since this is my blog and I can do what I want… I’m gonna. If this kind of thing upsets, annoys or causes you to toss out “bloom where you’re planted” or “chin up, tomorrow’s another day”… please, I beg of you… just mosey on by.

And yes, I know that everyone has days like this.

All that considered, here’s what I’d like to say…

Someone wrote me a lovely email. Three weeks ago. They went through the contact form here on my blog. Somehow, their note went into the junk folder, which … how?… it had no trip-up words and the person’s name was perfectly normal. Actually, there was nothing that would trigger a visit to email jail.

Anyway, I just saw it.

I – of course – responded right away with an apology but ya know… it reminded me of something… which reminded me of something else… and I was already upset about something else.

Ugh. Again.

Do I begin at the beginning or here, at the end? I think I’ll go backwards. Or maybe sideways.



I had a high school friend on Facebook… her name was Sharon. We played Words with Friends a lot, especially the last year of her life. She had COPD and knew she was dying. She never complained. I was thousands of miles away, as I am from almost everyone I care about but she said (many times) how playing kept her mind sharp and away from the inevitable outcome.  Mid-game, she died. I left the game until it timed out. It was then that I noticed she’d sent a message. I hadn’t seen it, which is totally strange because it normally has a blinking red number or something equally obnoxious to remind you. But I hadn’t seen the message. And then I saw another message. In all, there were three. All sent by Sharon to me. All “ignored” for several weeks. She told me she liked my recent profile photo. Said I looked pretty. Said how much she appreciated me. And I didn’t know until after she died. Those messages were never to be responded to… not while she was alive. Just telling you about them now upsets me. I feel dizzy, teary-eyed and angry.

I told a few friends and one suggested I write back, even if it was only for myself. I did that… and it did help, cuz I kinda think Sharon knows everything about everything now, anyway… you know, as she looks down from heaven.

But it still stings.

That’s what that email today reminded me of…

Before that… I had decided to give my parents my first iPhone. It’s really nice, was only used for three months and they’ll love it. I got a new free one with a new plan so it’s not junk.

However, getting the thing unlocked has been a nightmare that only ended an hour ago… but I finally got ‘er done. The phone is now ready to send. But getting to that point… lemme tell ya:

To get the phone unlocked, I needed my apple password. Easy-peasy if you’re the kind of person who uses the same password on everything for – you know – ever.

I am not.

And further, it was not only an old password but an old email address that no longer exists in any way, shape or form, so no “I forgot my password” easy email fix.


So, I tried to figure it out myself. Then I went to an apple store. Then I came back home with the phone to call Apple, if I couldn’t find the password somewhere… which… yeah, I write down all my passwords and leave them around the house. Not.

It was a crazysauce adventure that ended with me going into a meditative state before I had a stroke (and I don’t joke about that) … and no kidding… suddenly remembering the password. So, yeah, it’s now done, as I say… but seriously. Ugh.


Also, I have a pile of books I want to write about… along with some I want to read. Seriously, a pile. See?

I’ve been going to the gym three times a week. Good for me, but it sets me back, as I explained in an earlier post last week  – or was it the week before? Anyway, it’s wonderful to go but my blog-writing time is now limited since they have short hours and I must go at precisely the time I used to write my daily posts. By the time I get home, I’m beat.

Another also: I have a list of friends I need to call, contact or connect with in some way. They probably think I hate them. I don’t. I’m just so tired.

And I’m feeling sorry for myself.

So, there ya go. My day in a nutshell. Or maybe that’s me in a nutshell. Yeah, I’m a nut.

*shaking head*

I make me laugh.


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