The Secret of Roan Inish – Melt into the story

Selkies ~ seals that shed their skins to become human, are the folklore and centerpiece of this incredible, lush and stunning movie: The Secret of Roan Inish.

I’ve watched it a dozen times… possibly more… and yet, I find myself unable to do it justice in words.

The music, the sea, the children (ten-year-old Fiona and her infant brother), the village, the landscape, the seals… the story… all woven into a gentle fable of undying love and belief in the impossible.

While this is a family film, it is not fanciful. It feels historic, truthful… suspending belief is not necessary.

It is her grieving father who sends Fiona to live with her grandparents on her ancestral home, Roan Inish “Island of the Seals”.

The sea, Fiona learns, both gives and takes away. And what it brings is her history… and a precious gift in a wicker basket.

To tell you more would ruin it, I think.

Why am I sharing about this film today? Let me tell you:

Some days, I just want to be reminded that there is beauty out there… and that our stories matter…

Not because anything in particular has happened.

I remember years ago, I was very sick and stayed home from work for several days in a row. We had a television in our bedroom with a VCR – that old dinosaur! – but no cable hookup.

I remember taking a bath and then propping myself up on pillows under warm, soft blankets, our cat Tess next to me. I was so tired of sleeping or staring at the wall, so put this movie on.

I remember the light in the room, Tess by my side, watching this familiar film… and melting into the story.

It was as if I was next to the ocean… believing in the impossible.

It felt healing.

This is what I need in my life right now.

Perhaps you do, too.

I yearn for simpler times, which I know makes me sound like an old lady. But it’s true.

One other thing: Until last month, I no longer had a copy of the film because I’d only had it on video and our VCR died several years ago.

I didn’t want to do it, but I donated all our videos to the thrift store about two years ago.

I’ve thought about Roan Inish so many times… and looked for it, too. It’s not easy to find! I mentioned it to my mother, who found it on Amazon… dang, I keep forgetting about Amazon. No, seriously. Anyway, she ordered it for me! I know, I’m spoiled.

So now, here it is with me again… where it belongs.

*Bliss. Pure bliss.*

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