Photography as Self-Help – The Ice Storm Cometh (Which is why we need FLOWERS!)

Winter storm warning? WINTER STORM WARNING? On April 14th? Ugh.

The Government of Canada: Public Weather Alert has a neat map with clear-as-a-bell warnings. Where I live is in red. Blech.

So yeah, an ice storm is on the way. Batten down the hatches, or your britches… or whatever flies. Time to hunker down.

Makes you want cocoa or scones, jammies or a warm blanket… a fire in the hearth.

Bummer. I want salad and flip-flops, sunshine and sweat.

Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna post a few photos of flowers I’ve taken over the years. Then I’ll pretend. Or visualize. Or something.


I remember driving down the service roads – to and from work – and the acres of flowers… almost ready for harvest… from “farm” to your table.


I always notice pretty corners… just a pop of color… here and there…


I love being blinded by color!



Or no color at all…

Spring 016

This is why I love keeping my photos… and believe me, I do. I just went though a zip drive with 2,500 of ’em. Some duplicates. I need to clean and wipe… but it’s such a big job. Actually, hmmm… It *is* actually the kind of day for a job like that, isn’t it?

‘Cept, I don’t wanna. I think I’ll just sit here and stare at my pretty photos. Maybe go read a book. Or clean the house. Anything but cocoa, please!


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