Bio-Moment – Some days, you’re the bug

I’m irritated. Upset. Annoyed. Pissed off.

There’s a cute saying… “Some days you’re the windshield, some days the bug.” I have no idea who originally said it. But I know who’s gonna say it today.

Hello Readers, I’m Bug. 

It began last week. Actually, probably, before that. Dang. I’m already getting lost. I hate ADHD and anxiety.

Breathe, Sher.

Let’s start with this: April… that in-between season known as Spwinter. This last weekend, we had an ice-storm. It was freezing-ASS cold. And slippery. God, I hate this time of year. That lovely first snow is 6-months in the rear-view mirror and the thought of anything-white falling from the sky is no longer pretty AT ALL.


As you know, I’ve been going to the gym. I should link that but I don’t feel like it. I’m in *that* kind of mood. So, sue me.


This gym/ club, for me, seemed the nicest, most possible and plausible transition into a life of exercise, which I desperately need. I’m fat, outta-shape and have arthritis, fibro and assorted other body-ickies.

I was excited, motivated… dare I say “pumped”? The first three weeks were wonderful. It was like going to a spa. My location uses essential oils in a diffuser and they keep the place super clean… it smells more like heaven than a gym. Also, I’d found a sweet spot (3:30pm) that afforded me time and space to get my footing, so to speak. Not a lot of people around – just the coach and me.

Then we pushed a bit harder at the machines and tried some things we hadn’t tried before. Then I got sick, so missed a couple of sessions. I went last Friday and by the time I got home, I couldn’t walk on one ankle. By Saturday, the arch of the other foot was swollen and burning. This morning, I hobbled out of bed and called the doctor. I have an appointment later this week but was told not to exercise until I can get to the appointment. So discouraging. SO!!!

The reason I got sick is that my office is going through a major transition – a forced one. The fire marshal came through for an inspection and things weren’t up to code. We only rent, so we were (are) at the whim of the owner. Long story short, we’ve been working out of a back storeroom without heat. And dust, lots of dust. My asthma has been epic, along with migraines, which are always worse this time of year but it’s been so much worse this year.

As a result, my work hours have been reduced until the renovations finish. Helpful on the health front but not-so-much on the financial front.


About two months ago, my husband and I finally got out from under an anvil that had dogged us for years – eighteen years to be exact. And just when we started breathing again…

Hi, I’m a Mack truck and I’m here to run over ya’all’s!

Not that I’m being dramatic or anything. Ha! But actually.

The thing is: a Mack truck would do its damage and drive on. This trucker is actually running us over once a month. Doesn’t everyone love financial surprises?

Sorry-not-sorry, 10-4!

And then last night, I was looking at my phone before going to sleep, and noticed all my blog posts, which automatically share onto Facebook, were gone. Not from *here* (thank God!) but from Facebook, along with all my iOS photos.

Given everything that’s going on with Facebook and the world in general – and yes, my anxiety, and already precarious mental state (given all I’ve shared) *and* a bit of paranoia (which only relates to all-things online)… and I could barely sleep. I hoped, once I checked in this morning, I’d find that some stupid algorithm had changed and Bob’s-yer-uncle, everything’s back, hunky-dorey. No such luck.

I got a new phone on Friday because my old one totally tried to reset itself for the third time in less than a year. It was a lemon iPhone. All was lost, as much as iCloud will let you “lose” stuff. Maybe it had something to do with it? Or maybe I was hacked and all my photos and blog posts were stolen? That seems unlikely. The photos? Maybe. Blog posts from Facebook? I mean, they could come over here and get anything they wanted. It’s just weird. And annoying. Upsetting. Depressing.

WHAAAAAAAAA! I just feel like crying. Or throwing something through a window. Like, a bowling ball. Something substantial.

So yeah, today = not a great day.

How are you today?

Splat-ing-ly yours, Bug 🐜


  1. Just read this post. Sometimes I miss them and then catch up on ones I’ve missed on a sunny day, like today! I loved your Mack truck characterization. I have been mowed down by a Mack truck as well. Mows you down and then keeps on moving, completely unconcerned and oblivious to the damage and trauma it’s caused. I can empathize! Thanks for being so refreshingly genuine

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I suppose bugs can be friends. My days have been for shit too. Had two glorious days of Summer like temps, just to have it drop back into the 40’s with winds and rain. Mother Nature is playing a rotten joke, and teasing us all. I think we should banish her.
    I do hope your day improves bug #1, signing off here, bug #2. 🙂


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