Easy like Sunday – Crack’d

Leonard Cohen was a poet, a songwriter… a genius.

I cannot believe I didn’t know of him until about fifteen years ago. I mean, what universe was I living in? This man was ****exactly**** the kind of person I would have followed for years and years, had I known he existed. It boggles my mind.

So many of his lyrics touch my heart… but none more than these:

Ring the bells that still can ring / Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.

It’s from his song, “Anthem”… which I love. But I also love a whole bunch more. Not the point today, though.

(However, I share this song below, if you’d like to listen to him sing/say the words… which is always the best!)

No, today is about something very simple: Cracking. And it’s what I’m doing.

I should have guessed, what with the all the anger reminders slapping me in the face lately. Now see, “slapping me in the face” sounds angry. Am I angry? Or rather, am I still angry? I must be.

My mom and I were talking yesterday and she was telling me about that study that shows swearing is actually a sign of more intelligence – not less. Well. Huh. Huh? Interesting.

The thing is, I used to curse. A lot. Kinda. Though I stayed away from the heavy-hitters like the c or f words. I liked the s word a lot, though. And OMG.

Then, I got all churchy and stopped cold turkey. It’s embarrassing to think about those times because I said things like poopiesticks and puspockets. I seemed to gravitate toward the p-words.

Then, I started letting loose a bit here and there, but never at work or online.

Then, I lightened up a bit and used them when necessary to make a point.

Then I married my second husband and all bets were off. He’s a gruff newspaper reporter, doncha know? Ha! I still stayed away from the heavy-hitters, though.

I remember my mom’s housekeeper — this was years ago — telling her that “your daughter sure uses some ‘earthy’ language” (I’d said someone was an ass.) But I was still careful and still mindful of my audience.

And then there’s now. Let’s just say that lately, not only has the light gotten into the cracks but the eff-word has, too.

I am angry. Damn these self-help books making me look at my shit!!!

So, thanks Tom Ziemann and Harriet Lerner! You guys are both poopieheads right now! And I love you for it.

Leonard Cohen – Anthem


  1. I believe one of my posts today mixed the phrases “Nor will I,” and “kiss your ass” — on the same damn line! I thought a lot about it as the day went on, but it seemed to work for people, so I say what the hell. Hot Damn!

    BTW, did you know the sex crime rate goes DOWN in countries that allow public swearing? And no, I am not full of shit. About this, anyway.

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