Psychics and Wannabes – An Empath speaks

My self-help journey has included religious and spiritual texts, as most of you know. Some of them have been shared in this blog (mostly Christian, listed here). A few more sit on a bookshelf in our home. Other items, equally important to me, weave in and out of my spiritual life; like, spirit animals, labyrinths, prisms, candles, beautiful stones and fountains. I pray, light candles, send good juju and healing energy and always appreciate when the same is done for me and mine. You don’t pray? That’s fine by me… I’ll take your “whatever you got” as long as it’s sent with good intentions… and send love back to you. As you can tell, I’m not really a fan of labels and my Walk is my own.

Some of the spiritual stuff I’ve come across is (in my opinion) flat-out crap. Some others, like the Ouija Board, scare the living snot out of me. I have no desire to bring darkness into my house or my heart.

People ask me how I can be a believer in Christ and still believe the other stuff I do, which is eclectic. My answer: I don’t know, I just do.

Some may call people like James Van Praagh and Sylvia Brown “mediums” or “clairvoyants”. Others call them “quacks”. I  don’t care what you call them… they are fascinating to me.

There are some things in life I just take at face value.

You know stuff? Cool. 

I believe God has bestowed gifts and talents… and one of these is intuition or psychic ability. My mind is open to many possibilities. I don’t pretend to have all the answers… or even a few. I go with my gut.

Speaking of which, I’ve been told I’m an Empath. I know I’m highly sensitive (or HSP, as discussed in this post, along with a link to an online quiz to see if you are also an HSP)… but an empath? Well, yes, as it turns out, thank you very much. (Here‘s an interesting article about being an HSP and/or Empath.)

Heck, I just happen to believe that anything is possible and there’s no way – NO WAY – that we can fully understand the soul and what’s possible there. That’s God’s business.

So, about these two books:

Healing Grief by James Van Praagh is the kind of book that invites you in. It feels infused with hope and good intentions. There is nothing evil here.

Adventures of a Psychic by Slvia Browne is like a conversation between good friends. Okay, one of them is psychic… but it’s her story… and it’s riveting. Also not evil.

My husband actually had the chance to interview the late Ms. Browne and tells a goosebump-producing story about how she knew he had problems with his back. He interviewed her over the phone, had never met her, and was just a reporter writing an article on her because she was coming to town for a conference. At the end, he asked if she had anything to tell him. Boy, did she! I love that kind of stuff!

I share these two books with you not to say they’re the best books written or that these two psychics are better than the rest or even legit. In fact, I don’t know or care. What I know is that both of these books touched me deeply. Others written by psychics or about psychic abilities have not touched me at all… to each their own. But if you’re interested in this kind of thing… these two books are good and gentle places to start.





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