Easy like Sunday – What am I doing here?

You may or may not know this about me… in my day job, I sell print advertising. It’s been that way, off and on, for the last twelve years or so.

I got into sales quite by accident. I went searching my blog to see if I’ve explained this before… and can’t find it. I know I have! Sheesh, so annoying. So, here’s what I’ll say: If  you already know the story, forgive me and meet me where you see the *** below. No hard feelings. If not, continue reading, please.

When I moved to Canada, I expected to get a job helping people with disabilities. That’s what I’d done at the community college level for a decade. I’d also begun my own (mostly not-for-profit) business as an advocate for parents of children with special needs in the education system. I had mad skillz. (My attempt at reaching the young people. Did it work?)

Blah, blah, blah, Immigration and 9/11, blah, blah, blah… what should have taken 45 days took three years, along with the drain of my retirement account and some of my husband’s too. He lost his job and that’s when the shit hit the fan, as they say. We lost everything, which is explained here: Big Deal of 2003.

When I returned to Canada, I could work… but nobody would hire me. Long story short, I ended up at a Donut Diner close to home (I could walk to work because we had no car) flipping eggs, cleaning bathrooms and counting change. My husband took a bus to his job in the newspaper biz. There’s more to this part of our story, but who cares? The point is, you do what you have to… to survive.

Longer story shorter, a temp accounting position opened up where my husband worked and I had some banking in my background. I got the job. Six months later, it ended. I had to think quick and knew the money was in sales. Longer, longer story shorter, I convinced one of the sales managers to give me a shot and she hired me. I was there for eight years and won awards.

Next sales gig was a super-high-end magazine. God, I felt like a fish out of water. The people there were slim, rich, beautiful and drove Mercedes or Beamers. Me? Chubby, gray with a Hyundai. I love my Ruby, make no mistake. But seriously, as kind as they were, I did NOT fit in.

And now, I’m at an independently-owned newspaper in a small town. I fit in but the client base is pretty-much saturated. Award-winning? I’m questioning if my skillz are mad or just irritated. Cuz, yeah, not at the level I’d like. At. All.

*** So, I’m still in sales, though some days I question whether I still have the magic (award-winning) touch. 

Yes, this massive preamble (massive missive? Ha!) is leading to this point >>> What am I doing here? 

I’m saving money to get the name “The Self-Help Whisperer” not just copywrited (as it is here) but trademarked for use outside of this space and mapping out all the ways I can monetize the whole shebang. With my sales acumen, I should be able to do it. I’ve seen several friends branch out to new horizons…. and I want that, too!


This is uncharted territory.

I feel a little lost.

I have all these ideas for this blog to blow up – in a good way. But I’m overwhelmed.

This morning, I was watching sales and marketing videos on YouTube. They’re great motivators.

One of my mentors suggested making my own YouTube videos. Can you imagine? I’ve been thinking about it… and wondering if I should start at the beginning and talk about each book I’ve written about? 

I have more books – we all know that, don’t we? lol So, I’ll keep writing here. I also plan to create an alphabetized list by book and author soon.

I’m super-organized. I need to map out some ideas … and use the clustering technique I learned HERE.

I made a list in my journal late last year. I listed fun things and important things and pie-in-the-sky things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I have actually done one of the really important things and a couple of the smaller things. Yay, me!

This blog was an ongoing concern because I am fond of destruction, as I’ve mentioned a few times. But here I am, still standing, still posting, still wanting to take this a step (or two) further. That’s gotta count for something, right? 

Maybe this blog post is just for me. Move along folks, nothing to see here?

Or maybe it IS for you, too? Maybe you’ve been thinking about what YOU’RE doing here?

Drop me a comment and let me know if anything I’ve said here touches you. Cuz… I’m going there… to wherever “there” is. Maybe we can go together!


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