Bio Moment – Gone Huggin’

Guess what? Guess what? GUESS WHAT?

Tomorrow is the day I leave to fly on over to my California-family. That means… I get to hug my daughter and grandson!

Woooooo Hoooooo!

I’m taking a new self-help book with me… one that’s truly brand new to me. Look for a review when I return. 🙂

If I have a un-hugging alone-moment, I may even try typing a post with one finger on my phone. But don’t hold me to it. It’s utterly annoying. And difficult.

Speaking of which…

I could go off on the H.E.L.L. my husband went through as he listened to me struggle to check in for my flight. I’m used to the easy Southwest experience from good ol’ Buffalo. We just drive over the border. Easy-Peasy. But… difficult in its own way, especially since you never know how long the border crossing will be and if the freeway will be crowded and all that jazz.

This time, I’m flying from this side of the border. I got a spectacular flight! And my husband doesn’t have to stress over the border crossing and change for the troll – er, toll.

So, I was busy printing out my itinerary when I got a notice that I could check in. Ah, just push a button. Except, it wasn’t just pushing a button. Although… the whole process sure pushed my buttons!

The apps were not cooperating. I forgot a password. I had to fill out six pages of paperwork. Well, not exactly, but it felt like it!

OMG… the words that came out of my mouth! People, I cried. Literally.

What about all the progress I made during the writing of these posts about anger?

Out the window.

I’m so embarrassed. And I had to apologize to my sweet husband, who dared to “help me”. The man is a saint.


Luckily, I finally figured it out. My boarding pass is on my phone and ready for … well… boarding.

Real life. Can’t fake this stuff, folks.

See you next week!!

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