Easy like Sunday – The Compass


As soon as I got home from my fantabulous holiday with my daughter, her husband and my perfect grandson in California, I got sick. My face hurts (but not as much as it hurts you to look at it – haha! – I crack me up!). My nose is running continuously. My throat is crunchy. I’m sleepy.

They ran me ragged, in the best possible ways!

They fed me really, really well… with international cuisine! My son-in-law is of Greek decent, so my daughter has learned to put together a Greek feast! I made spaghetti and garlic bread one night. We ate out a couple of nights… Italian and Mexican. And one night, we had vegetarian chili with quinoa. Super yummers!

IMG_0098We saw the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I love that ship! We used to go when I was a kid… back when it was free. We took a tour about the history of the ship and it was wonderful!

And guess what else? The ship had a Princess Diana clothing exhibit! No photos allowed, though. That stunk!

An aside: I love the whole “Royals” thing. And yes, I sat in bed watching a replay of Harry and Meghan’s wedding this weekend. And if I may say one thing about it: If you think it’s stupid, that’s okay. Don’t bring your comments my way, though. I don’t want to hear it. There is enough cruelty to fill news programs a hundred times over. This is a good news story about a young couple in love. Don’t make people feel bad for something that makes them feel happy. 

Mother’s Day was on Sunday and I received some lovely gifts from my adult children. My older daughter and son sent gifts to my younger daughter’s home to avoid Canadian Customs, which has ruined gifts after opening to inspect… or delayed delivery for several weeks, not to mention forever. All have occurred.

My mother also sent a beautiful gift. As you’ve probably already guessed, there is a compass involved.

I’ve talked a lot about compasses. (If you’re interested, check out these posts.) I’ve always wanted one but what I wanted wasn’t a kid’s toy or cheap imitation. I wanted something substantial, real and maybe, a wee bit steampunk-y… and I couldn’t afford that kind of extravagance. Instead, I cut out pictures in magazines and glued little compasses onto my vision board and in my journal. I only thought of the real thing occasionally…

And then “occasionally” arrived in the mail in its own little satchel…  and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

IMG_0180She also sent a little hourglass… I’ve also mentioned my love of these timepieces. I turned it over and over… mesmerizing.

So, right in the middle of a spectacular holiday, I received these profoundly moving gifts.

It really got me to thinking… about what’s important and necessary as I head for my own true north.

I’m a blessed person.

I may not be super-sure about where I’m going yet… but I have a compass… and I know I’m going North.

So, that’s what I’m thinking about on this “Easy like Sunday” Sunday.


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