The Bliss Mistress – Transformation

I had something really neat happen!

Someone who enjoys my blog talked to someone he thought might also enjoy it and she, in turn, came for a look-see and was indeed interested and hung around for a few days, reading.

Then, she contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing her book, written in 2011. Cool, right?

Since beginning this blog last year, it’s the first time someone has sent me their book to review. When she asked if I’d consider it, I took approximately one millisecond to reply: Boy, would I! I mean… c’mon… what an honor!

It’s the strangest thing, knowing that someone is looking forward to seeing what *I* think of their book. It’s scary on both sides. What if I hate it? I’d have to be honest. Thankfully, it is not the case with this book.

And so, I present to you The Bliss Mistress by Edie Weinstein.

Weinstein walks-the-walk of transformation… and has for years. She’s not just a Bliss Mistress… she is THE Bliss Mistress. But, to be clear – lest you think she’s floating on a cloud above the rest of us – she is all-too human. It’s a very endearing quality that flows throughout her book and her blog.

Her book is the perfect size to take on a five-hour flight. I know this, because it’s what I did. I found it engaging, moving and uplifting. There are tons of exercises, resources and personal stories. It’s well-written and easy to read… dare I say “fun”? I do, I do!

She tells us in the Introduction that we may skip about, which I appreciated. I sometimes like to do that, especially in books like this, that offer bits and bites throughout the pages. Actually, one of my favorite chapters of the book was the Bliss Bites. There are also Bliss Kisses.

An aside: Bliss Bites and Bliss Kisses sound like tasty candies. Why am I suddenly craving chocolate? 

In fact, I hope Weinstein will forgive me the indulgence of comparing her book to chocolate. I picture the kind of chocolate you get on your pillow in a high-end hotel suite… pretty, small, glorious-tasting… and enough.

Her book is small but mighty. Not a whopping bag of candy-coated chocolate pieces but one perfect bite. A bliss bite, if I may be so bold.

And now, I need to go and do one of the exercises she talks about in an early chapter – a Wo-Manifesto. Several years ago, I wrote a list of what I believe about all sorts of things. But I never wrote about my choices about how to LIVE. Sure, I could say that I believe in an afterlife or that praying works… all fine and good… but what about how I live each day? Like, if I feel like dancing in the market, I will. (Dick Van Dyke talks about doing just that HERE) Or, if I notice someone’s beautiful eyes, I tell them. Or a million other things… and I plan to write them out in my journal. My own (wo)manifesto.

I would have read this book had I seen it in my travels. If you see it at a libary or book store, I hope you’ll grab it. It’s a gem.


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