Going Within – Call me crazy

If you are anywhere *near* around my age, you know who Shirley Mclaine is… and you have some thoughts about her. Perhaps you remember her from her Oscar-winning turn in Terms of Endearment? Or that she is Warren Beatty’s sister? (What? Who is Warren Beatty? Ugh. Who are you people? lol) Or her political activism?

More likely, it is her beliefs in all things mystic … including reincarnation and alien space beings. In which case, you may also be questioning my sanity in choosing this book to write about. No need to worry! I’m just as sane and grounded as I’ve always been. And by that I mean: Er. Okay, cut me some slack. 

I’ll tell you… I have read all her books. I find her fascinating!

Caveat: Unless she reads them out loud as audio books. I’ve talked about readers who shouldn’t read (even their own books) on CD over on this post. MacLaine’s reading cadence is awkward, at best, and choppy/ annoying/ distracting, at worst. Seriously. Maybe I’m overly-sensitive about this kind of thing (and, oh yeah, EVERYthing else, too! I forgot, I’m an HSP! Doy!) 

But let’s talk about Going Within (A Guide for Inner Transformation) by Shirley MacLaine. Here’s why I liked this book of hers better than the rest: I don’t know. There. That was helpful, no? Sorry about that. Hmmm. What was it?

I guess… I liked how she talked about the history of “New Age” and showed us that there’s nothing “new” about it. I  liked how there’s a color chart of the Chakras. I like how she talks about everything to do with self… and asks how we can be in harmony with others if we aren’t in harmony with ourselves?

This book is about meditation, shadow work, sexual fulfillment, hands-on healing, light, sound and crystals. All the usual culprits in the “New Age” movement.

It’s back from 1989 but reads like it’s current today.

What is it the Bible says? There’s nothing new under the sun?

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” 

Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV

And I don’t feel bad using the Bible here… because there are verses, like this one, that I love. And it fits… perfectly. Even MacClain would agree, I’m sure. (Actually, I have no idea! But I like it… so it stays.)

Once again, “Transformation” is the crux of the message. I’m starting to see how prevalent the topic is among the books on my shelves.

I am drawn to messages about nourishment, growth and transformation… spiritually and in all other ways, as well. That’s why I like this book so much!

It would be easy to dismiss this book… and indeed, MacClain herself. She is considered by some (many?) to be a world-class quack. But I’m telling you… it’s a good book… if you like this kind of thing. And I do!


  1. Often we have to expand our horizons. We can’t really dictate what other’s horizons should be based on our personal compass. I’ve received some of the the best inspiration from the strangest places. Should I have gone there? I’m alright with it as long as The Most High is. Sometimes the inspiration we need exists off the beaten path.

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