Advice – Playing Doctor


After diving and delving into the underbelly of my life over the last little while, I feel compelled to give a caution.

I am not a doctor. But someone who is reminded me of something very important I need to share.

Opening myself up as I do carries a responsibility with it. I need to remember that you, as a reader, could be triggered by what I write. I assumed, when I wrote my post on suicidal ideation that the title would be enough to keep someone who might be triggered away. Still, I should have noted the trigger warning, right from the top. I’m sorry about that. I have updated the post.

There is also a vulnerability in sharing as I do… and the possible trigger points back to me. As a person with lifelong depression, going back through depressive episodes has the potential to trigger a rebound depressive episode. And like the weight that comes back after a diet… plus some.

Had I not done A LOT of work on myself (most of it with a therapist), this might have easily happened. As it stands, I was emotionally whipped afterwards… but bounced right back. In my UNprofessional opinion, it’s because I’ve had years of therapy.

All that said, none of it might have mattered, given the right set of circumstances.

What I am trying to say is this: Be careful scrounging around your emotional underground and shadowlands. And also be careful reading about mine (and others).

I hesitate to use the word “Danger” … but there it is. There is an inherent danger in this kind of introspection. 

Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.

This darned emotional work is ongoing and never really “finished”… unless you count… you know… death.

I hope to one day be able to say I am healed… but in truth, cannot imagine a time when I will think I have finally arrived. Emotional healing is quite complex, given our brew of human experiences.

(Now, why did I picture a witches cauldron, including the lady herself, green with a wart on her nose, stirring the pot over an open fire? lol But seriously, folks…)

Reminds me of an article my mom sent a few days ago. Join me in some healing words by one of my favorites – Steven Stosny, PhD. I love his work!

Emotional pain is just as real to the brain as physical pain. (Now here’s the good news: Emotional healing is just as real to the brain as physical healing.)


Emotional healing happens when the brain replaces painful memories (images) of loss, injury, or damage with restorative images – those which motivate behavior that promotes safety, growth, and well-being, thereby restoring the normal function of the mind. The  process occurs naturally for most people, although it takes a long while.

So, we have something to look forward to! But in the meantime, be thoughtful, gentle and compassionate… with yourself and others.

Take care, dear friends…



  1. Hi there, friend! I’m seeing an internist Whois also Board certified in Integrative Medicine. She had me do the full ancestry test, with genetic mutation testing. I’m just beginning a new supplement regimen based on my genetic markers for depression and other medical issues. It’s genetic! It’s apparently responsive to correct dosing of supplements. I’ll let you know how it goes!



    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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  2. In my old blog I used to write more about mental issues. Eventually I had to add “trigger warning” to my categories because of it. Now I write infrequently about mental issues. Yes, I have healed, but as you said, I don’t need to look at my underbelly. It takes me back to a time when… but I don’t go back there anymore.

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