Easy like Sunday – Busy, busy, busy!

The last two days have been warmish, overcast and rainy. Migraine weather. Ugh. I’ve had to take my “big-gun” meds yesterday and today. I hate that. However, I am blessed that the medication usually works and once my head has settled down, I can get back to business.

I have a pile of books ready to be written about. I have a whole whack of fiction on my shelf waiting to be read… you know, for enjoyment. I have a YouTube station I’m trying to get up by the end of summer. And, I’m beginning a new category for interviews and have already asked my first interviewee (is that even a word?). She said yes!!! Which reminds me…

My mom told me about a book called Begin with Yes. I actually follow the author on Facebook and have to laugh because I didn’t realize the page was based on a book. Yoink! So, I  boogied over to the big brick-and-mortar bookstore to buy a copy and whadya know… they don’t have it. Don’t have it? Yeah, seriously, like not at all. Not in the store,  not online, not in the vaults. Nada. So, I went to handy-dandy Amazon and there it was. But, I don’t wanna order just one book. I mean, the shipping. Egad. So, it’s sitting in my cart waiting for some other titles to join it and make the shipping charges worthwhile.

So much to do!! Part of me is super-excited about the potential… and part of me is a little bit scared. So, I got out my copy of Fearless Living and started going through it again. I do this with my books, which is one of the reasons I don’t like getting rid of them, once they’ve been read. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go back and reread something only to find it was donated/given/gifted to someone during “The Great Purge of _______” <<< fill in the year.

Purging things can be very cathartic and wonderful, of course. If you’re a keeper-of-things or a bit of a hoarder, as I used to be, it feels good to clear off some of those surfaces! I’ll tell ya though, the things that I hoarded most were books. Total bibliophile, here. I carted almost all my books to Canada from California over the course of several years. I mean, I couldn’t very well mail them, as they are super-duper H E A V Y. After all that trouble, you’d have thought I’d keep the things forever… but did I? No. No, I did not. Something snapped in me about ten years ago. I stopped wanting to save things. I mean, I kept sentimental items but the rest… Bye, Felicia. I gave away boxes and boxes. And boxes.

And then I wanted one of the books for something. And I didn’t have it. Neither did the bookstore or ANY bookseller because, duh, I’d bought it as a textbook for a class twenty years ago. It wasn’t widely read. Can’t find it. Any. where.

Poor me. You’d think I’d learn. I mean, I used to do the same thing with my clothes. I’ve gone from a solid size 9 to a solid size 24 and back-and-forth. Again and again. Every time I’d lose weight, I’d say… “GET RID OF THE FAT CLOTHES. I’LL NEVER NEED THEM AGAIN.”

Bwahahahahaha….Hahahahahahahahaha! Ha! Yeah. Right.

Less often it was the other way around, but it did happen. “I don’t want to see those skinny jeans again. It only hurts my spirit and makes me feel bad about myself. I’m perfect the way I am, dammit.”

Sniffle. Sounds good on paper.

But I digress. Also, quick note: That was the biggest “But I digress”…  EVER.

Anyway. I’m busy lately and it’s the best kind of busy. But I’m also scared. There is a ton of potential here. Would have been nicer if I was 30 instead of on the eve of 60 when I figured some things out.

Shake it off, Sher! It’s happening now and it’s good. Run with it!

Man, I love when that little voice inside my head gets uppity. 🙂

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