Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

This is a story about Lucy. And, All The Blogs I Loved Before, which is actually the name of the blog before this one. It was one among many… er, about seven, I think. Don’t go searching… they’re all gone. You know … me… destructionpurging

Back in the day… which in this case means pre-2005 or so, I got spooked a lot. The idea that ***** anyone could see me ***** was absolutely terrifying. Yet, I loved talking. Yes, mostly about myself and the things I saw around me. But not just about myself but about you, too. Oh, that sounds all-kinds of wrong. What I mean is… my experiences are like yours… at least, I’d like to think so. And sometimes, I feel alone… and want to have witnesses along for the journey. In fact, I wrote about witnesses extensively.

Iyanla Vanzant says a wound needs a witness in order to be healed.

There is something very primitive about that and it feels right to me. But I digress.

In the past, I have created and destroyed blogs on a pretty regular basis. The blog you are now reading has been going on for about nine months. It is the most consistent blog I have ever created. More than that… it is the best. By far. And, I have no desire to destroy it.

I want to share what’s diffeent this time… and I need to begin at the beginning.

It all began last June, 2017, when someone asked me the name of my blog. Like, someone I didn’t know well was actually asking me the name of my blog to ostensibly, you know, read the thing.

I said: It’s called, “All the Blogs I Loved Before.”

She said, “Huh?”

I repeated it, and added. “You know, like the song.”

She did not know. The song, I mean. Guess she’s not a Willy Nelson fan.

She then asked what my blog was about.

After sitting there with a blank, then stunned look on my face for a minute or so, I decided to talk for the next twenty seven minutes. Because, ya know, there was no theme or anything.

“Kinda like a journal, then?” she asked.

“I guess,” I said, shrugging, before going into a lengthy one-sided discussion about the why and what-not’s of my blog.

By the time I was done, she was either gonna know the name of it by heart and

A. Read it or

B. Not read it, with the addendum of

C. Vow to never ask me another question again EVER.

Anyway, the point is…

Lucy. That’s the name of my colleague who dared to ask the question. She changed the direction of my blog writing and my life.

Months later, neither of us were at the job where we met. We stayed in touch on Facebook, as much as you can when one of you is a busy mom and the other has a love/ hate relationship with all-things social media and bouts of depression and anxiety.

Then, Lucy did something amazing… and I’m not going to spoil the surprise… because she is the first person I’m interviewing for a new category on this blog: Interviews. It will be happening in a few weeks and is not the point of this post. But it’s super exciting and I’m so happy for her. Please get excited with me… but, hold your horses… she’ll blow you out of the water! Her excitement is contagious!

Lucy’s question (back last June) prompted … no… actually, whapped me upside the head… to make a change. I could no longer use my blog space as a journal. I have… you know, journals for that. This space needed to be something that made sense, grabbed the reader, brought something important to the table (your computer, tablet or phone) and most of all… at least to me… mattered. 

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t come in a flash.

Actually, I was sitting there staring at my bookcase and all those self-help books.

And I looked some more. 

All those self-help books.

So many self-help books. 

Oh! Wait! What?

Look at all those self-help books!

And so, The Self-Help Whisperer™ began. 

I wasn’t really sure if it would take off but after the first post about a book, what I did know was this: It mattered. It was catchy. It was ME… in a way that no other blog had been. 

So, thank you Lucy for knockin’ on my noggin’ and sending some diamond dust my way. I love this blog space and look forward to interviewing you. 

And to all who read here: THANK YOU! You are appreciated more than you know!



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