My First Interview – Lucy Colangelo gets her “ShineOn”!

You first heard about Lucy Colangelo in my post from two weeks ago. As I said then, she nudged me (without even trying!) to create a vision for this blog after several missteps with others. She has a gift… and I’m thrilled that she’s found a way to share it with everyone!

I knew I had to tell you about her… but I wanted her unique voice to be a part of the story. So, I’m interviewing her with the hope that a little of her magic will rub off on you, too.

A bit of an introduction first:

Lucy and I first met in an office where we both sold print and online advertising.

The print side of things was a gorgeous, glossy, high-end magazine for a niche market. The online side made my head spin… and it kept growing, changing and moving on an almost-daily basis. I felt way over my head. But not Lucy. She was a perfect fit and before long, I was going to her for advice instead of the other way around. She was smart, beautiful and generous: the whole package.

I stepped away from the company about three months after Lucy got there. Several months later, she also left. We kept in touch on Facebook… and I’d see her post a video of a morning walk or a visit with a friend… but there were some quiet months, too.

I started a new job (also this blog which was keeping me busy) and I wasn’t sure what she was doing…


One day, I saw Lucy talking about this exciting idea she had… and her passion about it was clear… I could feel it through the cyberwaves! I vowed to keep up with whatever it was she was doing.

Then, she shared the ShineOn Clarity Map, which is the first step in her ShineOn Playbook. She also offers ShineOn Hangouts… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The point is… ShineOn is so perfect. So Lucy!

I knew I HAD to tell you guys about it! About her!


(Quick programming note: You can connect with Lucy below, as well as get her newsletter and downloads! How cool is that?!)

How long have you been thinking about doing something like the ShineOn

ShineOn is what emerged for me over the last few years as I embarked on my own self awareness journey. There are so many wonderful personal development and self-help experts out there offering so much support but I was getting lost in how to implement their advice into my daily life. Especially in a sustainable manner. I decided I needed to get my thoughts and feelings organized. Naturally I turned to my experience and education in business communications to help me. Basically I decided to get tactical with how I was going to manage my mind!

What was the catalyst for taking that final step to actually create it?

ShineOn as a concept was alive and well in my heart and my head since about 2013. It was something I played with and used loosely in my business communications consulting work but I didn’t have the confidence to develop it. I especially didn’t have the audacity to let it be what it wants to be! Ideas can nitter-natter at you. This one was relentless! The catalyst that actually lead to deciding to share ShineOn with the world was a confluence of events that took place over the course of a couple weeks in 2017. In that period every interaction both with people, both in persona and online, started with a question. I came out of it with this intense clarity that everyone is searching for answers. Everyone is looking for a better way. ShineOn is a better way and it deserves to be shared with the world.

You’re on top of the newest technology but still have live, in-person hangouts with groups or one-on-one’s. Why is it important to you to do this? 

There is nothing better than the magic of being live! When I first started sharing ShineOn the feedback was incredibly positive and uplifting. Everyone said keep going! Then as we worked on our ShineOn Clarity Maps, which is the first step in the process, the feedback was all about getting stuck. I had to reassure everyone that we ALL get stuck. It was important to me to remove the stigma of not knowing the answers. Not knowing the answers is the journey. After a couple months of searching for clarity I just asked a few friends if they wanted to get together to hang out and chat about what was coming up for them in the work. The ShineOn HangOuts are essential to supporting each other. We are all human first and if we’re to ascend this digital age we can never forget that.

You have school-aged children. How do you balance your work and family time?

I basically don’t. I simply embrace the chaos of it all! I am being very serious about my answer to this question. I do not want to model perfecting behaviour for my children. It breeds a false sense of security. Not too much of the soft stuff in life is predictable. I don’t want to live scheduled and robotic. I tell my family all the time that I am doing my best and we need to communicate our way through what ever comes our way. We embrace just going with it!

How do you keep an upbeat attitude when life hands you lemons?

There’s lessons in the lemons. My commitment to living a ShineOn life greatly overshadows any obstacles or setbacks that may come. I truly believe this is my calling. Oprah said, “ Pick a problem, any problem and do something about it because to somebody who is hurting something is everything.” ShineOn is me doing something about the problem of low self-awareness that I see in the world today.

How do you practice self-care?

My self-care is rooted in exercise, nutrition and happiness! I focus daily on improving my exercise regimen, am committed to learning about nutrition and then taking in all the pampering I can get! There’s never been a facial or massage I didn’t like. That being said any time with my family or a good book is time well spent too.

What are your favorite self-help books? 

I advocate for daily personal development. Tony Robbins once said, “Make sure the hardest you work is on yourself.” I absolutely agree and suggest that there are many great resources are out there. Pair any one of them with your ShineOn Clarity Map and you’re well on your way to becoming unstoppable! However if I had to pick a favourite I would have to share the one that I have read multiple times and that is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It has the ability to connect with and fuel my soul’s purpose.

Is there anything I’ve missed that you’d like to add?

ShineOn is a process that you must nurture and make your own through repetition. All you need to the desire and willingness to ask yourself the 7 special questions (included in the Shine On Clarity Map).

Specific to the Shine On Clarity Map:

Anyone that would like a copy of the ShineOn Clarity Map just needs to message me and ask. I love getting, “I want to get my ShineOn” messages!

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