Bio Moment – The Bucket List

In the past two days, I’ve had two conversations that kinda blew my mind.

It began with one colleague, who just had her 38th birthday. This weekend, she’s going to NYC to celebrate, which is one of the items on her bucket list. I asked what else was on her list… and this is where the conversation got veeeeery interesting!

“Which one?”

“Is there more than one?” I asked.

“Actually, yes.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, and sat forward in my chair, sensing there was some good stuff here.

When she was 19, she wrote her first list, which covered her upcoming decade of life. As she progressed through the list (and she did!) she marked items off. By the time she was 30, all the items were completed, including a bungee jump, owning a home on the water and taking ESL classes (her first language is French).

She wrote another list for her 30’s and has done almost everything she listed… and you guessed it, her NYC trip is on it!

She is very specific about what she lists. She didn’t just want to buy a house, she wanted one near the water on the beach. And got it!

She also put the list on her phone so she can carry it with her… actually, she said it began on her Blackberry and has traveled through smart phones, to her iPhone.

I thought about how many times I’ve made vision boards – though I’ve never been very specific. I talked about that here. There was no … what do they say? … rhyme nor reason?… and as you can see on a photo of it I shared, it got a wee bit busy. (Ya think? Yoinks!)

I also considered my half-hearted attempts at an actual Bucket List. I even wrote one out on January 1st this year! I buried it in my journal and to be honest, I don’t look at it much. When I complete something on the list – and I remember – I go in and check it off. Whoop-dee-do!

Since I’ll be 60 this year, I thought I should maybe get my ass in gear. And then I talked to another colleague who threw a big ol’ monkey wrench in the works.

Earlier today, she and I were talking about how neat our other colleague is (and, by the by – that’s worth gold in the working world. There are so many bickering, snippy, back-biting people in the workplace… and I am blessed beyond reason that not one of us is like that!). We got around to her very cool Bucket List and I said how I’ll be sixty, you know …

“Stop right there!” she said.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Listen to this…” she said, and then proceeded to tell me about an article she’d read before she came into work today.

I tried to find it so I could link… but alas, I can’t. So, you’ll have to trust me that I either got this totally right or gleaned what I could and it’s all good. Deal? Deal!

The article talked about age… and the woman who wrote it said that people are always telling her she doesn’t look her age (I believe she’s in her mid-60’s). She says, “I no longer identify *as* an age,” when people ask. She simply answers… “I am what I feel at any given moment.”

Yeah, I  know, sounds a little psycho-babbly. But the thing is… doesn’t it make sense? There are days I can barely get out of bed. On those days, I feel every bit 80, or at least what I figure it will feel like to be 80. Other days, I feel pain-free and sharp… maybe 35-ish? I almost never feel nearly-60. What does it feel like, anyway?  It’s a number. Nothing more. Especially these days! Gone are the days of early retirement… unless you’re rich. Not the point, though.

So, do I write my Bucket List with a decade in mind? Because I will be 70 when that decade is over? Or do I write what I want… as if I’m 20?

What do you think? Wise? Hogwash? None, or all, of the above? Let me know!


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