Remember this one? – The Secret

Like Aladdin’s Genie, the law of attraction grants our every command. – Rhonda Byrne

No conversation about self-help would be complete without mentioning The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I’ll be honest. The first time I got this book… I paid full price at the fancy book store while it was still the thing to be talking about around the water cooler, on talk shows and in reading groups. I drove home with a racing heart, ignored everything else and opened the book with a reverence that (heretofore) I’d only used when reading The Bible and Little Women.

I love how it looks… I mean the whole parchment-paper-y thing it has going on. I love the short chapters, spurts of info and quotes. Oh, I was excited… until about half way through.

Were they friggin’ serious?

I wanted to believe it! So, I stopped reading and tried some stuff it talked about.

I visualized money in our mailbox. We really needed money at the time. Maybe I was too needy, desperate and scared. Maybe I sent the message to the universe that I had to have it, or else. Not a good way to begin. Oh, and no money appeared.

Huh. Let’s try something else.

I skipped ahead to the chapter on health. I had just had a medical test. It was one of those things where you either got a phone call to come back for more testing or a letter stating that everything was fine. I pictured the mailbox with that letter inside. Day after day after day. Two weeks passed. Finally, the phone rang. Shit! That’s when I put … no, threw!… the book in the garbage.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that I said, “first time” I got the book. Let me tell you about the second and final time. It began the day I was in a used DVD/ Video and CD store. On the fave-o-meter, it’s second in line to several excellent used bookstores in our area. I saw the DVD version of The Secret for $5. I’ve read a lot of books and articles about The Law of Attraction and reasoned that there must be some value to this stupid book. Maybe the DVD would be easier to stomach? Well! It was as nicely put together as the book but way more exciting. Understand, I am a person who always, always loves the book more than the movie. But in this case, the DVD really hooked me. It’s gorgeous, mysterious and interesting. I watched the darned thing about a dozen times! Then I set it aside.

Several months later, I was in a thrift store — because I love thrift stores more than actual department stores! So many treasures! (But I digress.) I was perusing the book section when I saw it. The Secret hardcover in perfect shape for $4.99. Who knows? Maybe someone dug through my trash and found it, tried reading it themselves and gave it to the thrift store. It looked that new! I bought it, obviously.

Over the last few years, I’ve gone through… seasons, I’ll call them… when I find this book and the video inspiring. I’ll watch it a few times or thumb through the book. I visualize myself rich or thin or both. I pray. I throw in some candle lighting and crystals and fresh air and cats and… heck, whatever feels positive, affirmative and hopeful. I soooo want to believe it!

Does it work? Hell if I  know. But it can’t hurt.

Originally posted on October 26, 2017


  1. I’ve actually never sat down to watch it straight through, but being a veteran of the Hicks material I pretty much knew what I was looking at each time I happened to be at a neighbor’s house who was absolutely addicted to watching it over and over.

    When I made the comment to him that I shared with you he observed that its material focus was the only one which could have captured the American imagination enough to get the point across.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been exploring the laws of cocreation, especially at this exciting time when they are activating more fully for us all.

    I share your distaste for the term “deserve” but think I understand what you are communicating: you’d like to see increasingly harmonious alignment between what you offer and your spiritual needs in offering it — an improving vibrational match. Well, on that — happy lion’s gate! 😊

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  2. What an interesting question, Ana! I’d like to think it was implied. I fear it wasn’t. So, do you see “The Secret” as ego-driven or selfish? Also, you said the “first” time. You went back. Why? I can tell you that for me, the lure of finally having what I deserve (and I dislike that word, though I can’t think of another that describes what I mean better) was strong.


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