Easy like Sunday – Deep Dive

I’m reading a book my mother recommended. At first, I was like… wow!… and all over it. I could hardly wait to read and then share it with you!

Then. Huh. What happened?

Well, lemme tell ya.

I must begin at the beginning: It’s about healing. And immunity. Our immunity.

In the Overview, there was something so gripping, so fascinating and spectacular… that I had to put the book down. For days.

Let me see if I can encapsulate it for you… and this will be in my own words, not theirs:

What if you could live your life AS IF you were 20, 30 or 40 again? Would your body believe it was… back then… and revert? Heal? Would it be as if you were once again 20, 30 or 40?

What if you not only surrounded yourself with items from the decade but dressed as if it were 1960, 70 or 80? What if you only watched television shows from the decade, saw only the news from that decade and talked as if you were living in that decade?

In short, you are back at that age in every way.

Could you wind back the clock on your health?

According to a famous experiment cited in this book, the answer is YES. Especially in terms of memory, but also in posture, flexibility and other things.

To be clear, I am not talking about reminiscing. That’s another thing entirely and is also measured in the experiment. (PS: It did not turn out nearly as well as the “living as if” group, however, showed smaller improvements in all the same areas.)

This validated something I’ve noticed within myself. When I reminisce, I *feel* younger, if only for moments. Do you notice this, too?

I can imagine that living in a time capsule for a few days would magnify that result. Could it possibly be? What a cool thought, right?

Perhaps it’s my usual over-think-y-ness…

Here’s where I got lost…

I’ve been spending the last ten years … at least … trying to live in the NOW, with varying success. I rarely look to the future but lately (as I near my 60th birthday, blah, blah, blah, you’ve heard it all before) it’s been kinda forefront in my mind.

I’ve talked at length about my medical issues, including anxiety and depression. And everything has only gotten worse as I’ve grown older.

The thought that I could throw myself back into the make-pretend-world of 1980 and feel better is super-attractive!

Is it just a placebo?

And… even if it works… there comes a time where you need to… you know, come back to reality.

Ah, time travel.

Speaking of 1980, it’s when Somewhere in Time came out. Just hearing a few notes of the theme music takes me right back there… and reminds me of my ex-husband, so, yeah, I generally don’t go on purpose. We must’ve watched it a hundred times.

I’ve thought – so many times – that I wish I could go back and fix the mistakes I’ve made. But we all know it can’t really happen.

Or can it?

Could I go back – AS IF – and change things? Would it make a cellular change somewhere? You know, that whole thing about ripple effects?

Maybe I could finally let go of the guilt and shame? What if I could find a time in my life when depression and anxiety was not on the front page… could I “feel” how I “felt” and somehow be able to duplicate that feeling in the here and now?

Good grief, grab your oxygen tank, I’m goin’ deep today!

What do you think about all this?

PS: Yes, I will be discussing this book in its entirety soon. No kidding, this part was really in the Overview. There 300 more pages with tons of stuff. 🙂


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