Bio Moment – A little light housekeeping

When I wrote my first post back in October, 2017, I had no idea if this blog would fly. I had plenty of precedent for feeling that way, since I’d had more than a handful of prior blogs (read: that didn’t fly). I will admit to having a different feeling about this one, mostly because I’d chosen an actual trajectory: Self-Help. It would all be about self-help. At first, it was all about the books, though I realized kinda early on that one (you or me) could get book-y-overload. (Could such a thing actually exist? I mean, c’mon!) So, I added in some other stuff like my photos, a little advice, and some self-help in other places. Well, if you’ve been here any length of time, you know all this.

In the last several months, I’ve decided that this will be my last and final blog – and it’s here to stay! Unless the internet implodes, it will not be going anywhere. I shall be here in my own little corner, if you will. (Reminds me of my favorite Cinderella, Lesley Ann Warren. If you remember this one, you’re old like me! In it, she sings this lovely song about her own little corner. But I – as usual – digress.)

That said, I’ve diversified. Here’s what I mean:

My “Photography as Self-Help” has mostly moved over to Instagram and to a lesser extent, Pinterest. <<< “Lesser” because most of the thousands of pins are not mine, though I recently learned how to pin my own, so some are! (Yay, old dog learning new trick!)

My storytelling is here, of course, but it was suggested that I also start a YouTube channel, which I have. Every Tuesday, I will post a video. Now, listen… I am no fashionista or stunning beauty, in fact, half the time, I wear little-to-no make-up and have let my hair go gray, much to the chagrin of some people I know. I also have a double chin (possibly a triple) and am pleasantly plump (fat). I don’t have Instagram eyebrows and I’ve spent my life drawing them in or going eye-brow-less. What I’m trying to say is that I am not your typical YouTuber and I don’t want to be… but… I am wise enough to realize that people like me do not become internet stars – at least not instantly. I am an acquired taste… a niche brand… and that’s okay by me. But it’s scary… even at my age, when I don’t actually care *that much* if people like me or not.

I also made myself a logo (see above) to span across my online footprint. <<< Is that the correct use of this word? I think so. But see, once again, I’m still catching up!

Here’s the thing…

Since I have decided to give this a go… in all it’s wonderment and internet-y-ness, I would like to somehow pull all these threads together and make a living with it. That means, niche or not, I need more followers, commenters and readers. The wait can be agonizing… but I’m doing something I’ve never done before: Hanging in there and being patient. After all, I have all the time in the world. <<< And yes, I actually mean that. I mean, seriously, I’m still working my part-time day job… and I’m still coming home to write, pin, plan and that kinda stuff. So, yeah… I’ll be here, either way!

What can you do? Just what you’re doing! Thank you to all of my loyal, fantastic, rockin’ readers, commenters and followers! Without you, this would just be a lonely (but totally cool, of course) place!


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