As Autumn Approaches…

As much as I love the warmer months, Autumn is my all-time favorite… especially since moving to Canada… in which case, I should say it’s my all time favoUrite! 🙂

As a quick aside, I’ve never understood how people who speak more than one language could so seamlessly switch between the two. Until now. Although, of COURSE we all speak English. I know, I know! What I mean is that I write in US English on this blog. But in all my work correspondence and pretty-much every other social platform, I write using Canadian spelling: favourite, neighbourhood, colour and poutine. <<< Of course, poutine would be spelled the same way no matter what… but I just love it so much I had to add it.

Don’t know what poutine is? Well, let me start with a story:

Within a month of moving here, my husband took me through a drive-thru and bought poutine. It was supposed to be French fries, cheese curds and gravy. Sounds hideous, right? I will say that it was the grossest thing I’ve ever tried. Well, except liver. But I digress on my digression. He said it wasn’t a good barometer because the name of the place was something like, “Goes Right Through You Café” and BOY, did it! They’d used some gawd-awful orange cheese sauce and well, you get the picture.

The next time I tried it, we’d bought the ingredients at the market. I made a roast and used the drippings to make my own gravy. The cheese curds were fresh and looked like actual cheese. The fries were made from potatoes and home fried. First, the fries. Next, the curds. Finally, the gravy. Heat until cheese curds melt. OH MY FREAKING GOD! It was heaven on a plate. No kidding. Perfection. Wowzers! 

I know that Spring typically brings thoughts of new beginnings and rebirth but there’s something about Fall. It’s the dead stuff falling away for the dark (resting) season of winter. It’s not nearly long enough, in my not-at-all-humble (when it comes to this) opinion. There’s NOTHING I *don’t* love about my favourite season. (See what I did there?) Pumpkin everything. Bring it on! Cool temps? Clear days? Brightly colored leaves? Yes, ma’am! I’m ready. Sweater coats, boots and rosy cheeks? There! Oh my gosh, I just love, love, love it!

This year, I feel especially excited, partially because I’m ageless – okay, that’s what someone told me to say and I love it – but what I actually mean is that I’m turning 60 in the winter. I feel a shift coming on! And for the first time in a long time… I don’t think it’s just wishful thinking. There are some cool things happening around me and through me… and I’m ready for this, too!

I feel an underlying current of change. I find myself anticipating it… and this is a new feeling. I generally don’t do well with change, though I accept it and try to move along with the least amount of drama. By the by, it’s actually quite different from what I used to do… which including running away from and then tripping and falling and looking behind, then realizing that it’s caught up to me anyhow. Life was much more difficult back then.

Now, I am marching forward. Well, walking. With my head held high. Yeah, there are still some things I need to get worked out but I’m on track and where I hoped – and more importantly, expected – to be at this time of the year. Go me!

I’ve been nurturing myself as I promised myself on January 1st and for the most part, have kept it up. I still have wretched, horrible days… down days… migraines… fat thighs… and panic attacks. Although, on that last one… far fewer! That’s gotta count for something, right!?

Self-Help is something I’ve loved for as long as I can remember… at least since the 1970s. It’s not just the books, as you can see by following me here, but anything that improves, uplifts, attempts to (or actually completely) heals, brings peace and joy, creates sacred spaces, and carries love that radiates from self to other. I hope you have been feeling it, too. You are a part of this process.

It’s apropos that I began this blog in October last year. Don’t you think? So, come with me as we begin a new season of…

The Self-Help Whisperer™.



  1. yayyy you! go girl! I , too, am feeling the ‘winds of change’ somethings going on in the universe! I can feel it big time. love your blogs!

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  2. Loved this, Sherry! Still laughing about the poutine. I read the entire post to your dad, and his first comment was (once again) that you write so beautifully. We’re still trying to figure out if we could EVER like poutine, and it’s a real stretch just envisioning putting that stuff in our mouths. Guess we’ll have to wait for you to make it for us!

    Anyway, love your wonderful blog and your beautiful, quirky mind!

    Mom (and Dad)

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