Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Fly High Michelle

Welp, I’ve chosen my second interviewee and her name – in case you missed the obvious reference in the blog title – is Michelle.

Like my Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds post introducing Lucy Colangelo, this is a shameless teaser for what’s to come. Also, like Lucy’s teaser, I chose a song title with her name in it for the title of this blog post. Do I know who Enuff Z’ Nuff is? No. But I liked the title and it fit – just like Lucy’s – so I went to listen. It’s HERE. It’s moody and kinda neat, actually. But I digress.

Michelle is a glowing-light person. You can see it in her face.

Why did I choose her? Because I *want to know* what makes her so uniquely… Michelle? How did our paths converge here? Why is she glowing? And why does she remind me of a cherry blossom? <<< you think I’m being silly… or perhaps, overly solicitous? Yes, I know I can be dramatic, creative and a stirrer-up of stories… but, in this case, it is simply truth.

This blog is about self-help, as we all know. I have branched out beyond books to all sorts of interesting places… and find I am excited to share about people I’ve met along the way. These people are the epitome of self-help, to me. They offer myriad ideas, paths and avenues to the same place… the place I believe we’re all trying to go…

Self-acceptance? Self-love? Self-actualization?

Or maybe, I’m just offering segues (ah, digressions?) along the way. Apropos, I think.

I met Michelle through her husband and in fact, you may recognize her last name when the interview goes up, because I reviewed one of his books. Make no mistake, though… while theirs is a beautiful love story and they are connected in many wonderful ways… this will be about HER story and HER life.

What I already know is that she loves cats and being surrounded by beauty – in big and small ways. She knows how to be thankful and I suspect, knows how to ask for what she wants. She has recently begun a business that seems the perfect choice for her. She’s also a volunteer in her community and on top of all that, an artist.

Her life seems to be in the perfect place right now. She doesn’t hold it out as an example, nor does she flaunt it. She seems to simply accept and appreciate. Who among us doesn’t want that? I know, I do!

I hope you will join me in reading about Michelle and what makes her who she is… for I will be right beside you, listening, learning and loving every moment.


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