Bio Moment – Be still, my breaking heart

This morning, I took a photo of a beautiful flower, its face to the sun.

Well, as much as this flower could reach to the sun, given it popped up in a most-unusual place and mostly dipped down towards the sidewalk and then lifted its head.

It had dared to seed on the edge of an oft-UN-mowed lawn in front of an oft-garbage-strewn-house that is the bane of the entire street upon which we live. There are several rentals here… but most of them are okay.

IMG_1073 (1)This particular house, once cute and welcoming, has long-since come into disrepair… and stays there. It is not okay. But I digress.

This flower… this perfect flower… bloomed anyway. I noticed it yesterday.

This morning, as I left for work, I went across the street, snapped a photo and shared it on social media. I’m sharing it here for you to enjoy, as well.

When I came home this afternoon, the first thing I noticed was the flower… or perhaps I should say, “what was left of” the flower. Someone had clearly wrung it, hands tight, until most of the blossoms had been removed. It was tinged with brown, like wilted lettuce after it’s been pulled apart. There were two petals left – one on either side, and it hung its head, touching the pavement. The removed blossoms littered the street. (The featured photo is how it looks now, with its backdrop of weeds and unkempt lawn.)

I had been listening to a book on CD… one I may talk about later so I won’t name or link it yet. It’s a sweeping historical novel… and it was a sad chapter for our protagonist, Alma. Heartbreaking, really.  After I parked my car, I sat listening to the book, tears stinging my eye. I wanted to cry… for Alma, and for the flower that was destroyed. But I didn’t.

I came inside and got onto Facebook, as I usually do after work. This is where I saw a post by a sweet couple I know (but have never met in person). Over the weekend, they’d  rescued a cat. This was no surprise, as they are the epitome of cat-people, which is one of the reasons I like them so much! I met them through a cat-loving friend who passed away a few years ago and have enjoyed getting to know them. Online friendships are something special, I think. Anyway, the cat they rescued is approximately 6 weeks old… and… though I hesitate to share this next part, I must… it had been thrown from a car. As in, literally. Tossed like garbage to the side of the road and left to die.

I wept openly, then.

They took the little one to the vet today, and were told he (it’s a boy!) has some very serious injuries. So serious, he could die. They’ll know more tomorrow, after surgery. God bless people like this! Even if the kitten doesn’t make it, the last hours of his life have surely been better than the weeks before it. I’m praying for a miracle, as they are.

I just want to know…

What kind of people throw kittens from cars and smash the petals of blooming flowers?

Not the kind I wish to know.

And maybe, I don’t want the answer to my question, anyhow.

So, it’s been that kind of day today. How was your day?


  1. First, thank you for sharing the picture of the flower. Absolute beauty.
    Now on the note of the kitten being tossed from the car; how heartbreaking. Literally rugged at my heart and my eyes watered. I could never understand and wish to never understand why people do such things. I pray for that kitten and god bless those heroes whom have showed it love.
    Virtual hugs my friend. I too think online friendships are amazing ❤️


  2. That’s a moonflower in your picture. It’s typically a night-blooming flower, but can open anytime from mid to late afternoon and blooms right through the night. When the sun rises in the morning, the moonflower dies. It is replaced by another one the same afternoon until all the buds have flowered and then died as the sun’s rays strike them.. It’s fragrance is exquisite.

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