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Do you remember this one?

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I’ll tell you right off the hop… this book is Christian-leaning. This might turn you off… but I encourage you to be spiritually open to learn from many voices. With that in mind, let us carry on!

This little book called to me from the bookshelf of one of my favorite used bookstores. My guess is that it had a cover at one time but you know, the simple purple linen cover suits it. Published a decade ago, it was destined to become a classic. I would say a “cult” classic, if it weren’t for the fact it’s written by a Unity minister, Will Bowen. He might take umbrage at that description. Then again, maybe not. <shrug>

This book is about not complaining. The end. Ha! I crack me up.

It’s really about the steps you need to take… which are oh-so-simple and oh-so-difficult to master. I know… I…

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  1. And then there are those of us who lean hard in the other wrong direction and complain too little, too late and not rudely enough to be heard in our brave new rude world…

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