Interview – Michelle JT Ziemann on surrounding yourself with what you love

You first heard about Michelle Ziemann about two weeks ago in this introductory (and shameless teaser) post. If I continue the love-fest in this introduction, I’ll embarrass Michelle – and that’s not my intention.

In life, you meet people who change you. Most will, actually, if you let them. Michelle is one of those people. She has a big heart for animals and people. She’s beautiful but doesn’t seem to realize it, which translates into a gentle and quiet humility. Being in her circle feels like a privilege, though I know her arms are open and she is inclusive.

I am almost at a loss for words, here. She makes those around her – and by this, I mean in person or across the cyberwaves – feel good.

I gravitated toward her and believe you will do the same. Sometimes, it’s all about sitting back and taking things in… and that is my invitation to you today. Listen (read) and let it all soak in. It’ll make you feel good. Michelle will make you feel good.

How long have you been volunteering and how does it feed your soul?

I’ve been volunteering about 12 years with the cat shelter.  For obvious reasons, I feel like I’m giving back without asking for anything in return and that makes me feel so good.   My love of animals is a big factor though.   Caring for orphaned animals seems to come naturally for me.   One has to have passion for giving back freely, otherwise it becomes a chore and that’s not what it should be about.

How do you practice self-care?

For me, it’s very important to spend time to myself.  I love and adore spending time with my husband but spending time with myself is very important to me.   In any relationship, I believe it’s important to be together and yet still be individuals. So, for me, it’s sitting in my cozy sitting room, surrounded by my cats watching Hallmark movies, because they all have sweet messages in them.   I also take relaxing bathes with my glass of wine after a hard day.

Who have been the biggest influencers in your life?

There have been so many I have crossed paths with that have opened my eyes and ultimately have influenced me in so many wonderful ways but I am going to focus on one and that’s my mother.   My mother came to America from Japan (from a very strict upbringing) but she took a chance and moved to America when she met my dad.   She got her citizenship, learned our language and raised three kids and also had a full time job as a realtor and language instructor.   She always encourages me to be my best and is always there for me.  I call her at least twice a week since we live in separate states.  She is my hero.  Her strength and compassion have been my biggest influences.

The other person who has influenced me was my father (who has passed on).   He was the one who taught me the compassion of caring for animals.  We used to rescue animals together and release them when they were healed.   My father was strong, yet gentle in so many ways.  He was a wonderful poet as well.   He had a strong facade but I also saw the gentle side of him as well.   I miss him everyday.

My parents are my biggest influences to say the least.

My husband has been a wonderful and huge influence in my life.  Although we have been together just two years, he has taught me so much about looking at things with an open heart and that I can attain anything I want if I truly want it.

There are so many friends in my circle that I can say influenced me greatly…I could go on forever.  My family and friends are the most important influencers in my life in so many different facets of my life.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support.

There is one celebrity’s blog I follow religiously and that’s Shiva Rose.  Her words of wisdom in honoring the beauty of being a woman and celebrating the goddess within each of us has instilled confidence within myself.  She teaches women that we are powerful in a gentle way and that this universe needs that kind of power more than ever and it all starts within ourselves.  Her website is

Tell us about your business “The Waxing Moon” and how your creation process works. For example, I love the Great Gatsby collection. What makes you choose certain colors and scents?

I created The Waxing Moon because of my love of scents.   I used to manage a Crabtree and Evelyn, a fine toiletry store in California.   I came home smelling so wonderful after my shift.   Since then, I love everything that has a great scent.   I think scents and music bring back so many wonderful memories and times in my life that I reflect back on and cherish.

So, because I love candles and cannot have candles around my cats (one of my cats accidentally caught her tail on the edge of a candle flame) I created scented wax that you melt in a warming plate.   I have so much fun mixing scents and creating my own.  I came up with the name Waxing Moon because it’s the phase of the moon I connect with the most.  In my spiritual beliefs, the Waxing Moon is about prosperity and abundance and I thought it fitting to name my business in the light of great energy of prosperity and abundance!

What does “a perfect day” look like to you? 

My perfect day is all about spending time with the ones I love and that includes my wonderful, amazing and supportive husband who is also a crazy cat lady.   Now, if you want to add a trip to a few wineries, wine tasting, having amazing food (since I’m a foodie) in an amazing atmosphere like the countryside or the coast or in Paris, that would be a perfect day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I think in this craziness we call life, it’s so important to know yourself and love yourself first.   Once you have done that, you will attract the most wonderful life you deserve.  Surround yourself with those that will encourage and support you for who you are.  I think it’s also very important to slow down and smell the roses.   We never know when our time on this earth is up, so be grateful, be thankful and live every day to the fullest.

To contact Michelle:

The Waxing Moon on Facebook

To see her lovely website and/or buy the melts:

The Waxing moon website


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