FINAL “Photography as Self-Help” post – Don’t worry, just follow!

It’s Sunday, and I’m going to step off my usual “Easy like Sunday” path and talk to you about my photography. I know that many of you have loved my totally unprofessional look(s) through the lens… even though I haven’t had a “Photography as Self-Help” post for three months.

You may wonder if I’ve stopped taking photos? No. In fact, here’s a beauty of our Hannah:


Here’s the thing…

Like so many of you, WordPress isn’t the only social media site I frequent.

Facebook has been my safe place for years, although, I’d still get spooked and back out. And by “back out” I mean aaallll the way out. I found a website that told you, step-by-step how to completely remove yourself from the platform. Who knows if it actually works, cuz we all know that once you’ve gone online, you’re there for… kinda… forever. Still, I deleted every photo, post and comment I could find, etc. The last time I got on, I decided it would be my last. So, when I was told I needed a Facebook page if I wanted this blog to grow, I began a page dedicated only to my blog HERE.

I’ve been on Pinterest for years and have only recently been using my page HERE to help grow my blog. I’ve been sharing my blog posts, along with many of my photos and of course, lots of other pins, as well. I’m one of those… uh… prolific… pinners. I’m just a shade off 20,000 pins. And believe-you-me, I’m way behind some others I’ve seen. You could spend hours there. I know. lol


Twitter is something I never wanted to get back on, to be honest. I am not political and hate all the arguing and negativity. But, I’m told, I need to be there. So, I decided to throw in some positive, self-help type stuff into the mix. If you’re interested, my Twitter is HERE.

My photos? Well, as you may have guessed by now… they’ve ended up HERE on Instagram.

Almost every morning, I take a photo on my way to work (or at home) and share it there. I’ve also started finding quotes to share there, as well, which automatically share to my Facebook page.

I’m trying my best to cover all the bases. I want this blog to grow! It wasn’t my original intention. I mean, of course I wanted people to read, respond and care about what I have to say… but remember, it’s me, Ms. Creator/Destroyer. The longest any blog of mine has ever lasted was… well, about a year. Guess where we are with this blog? You got it! Almost a year! About six weeks away, actually. And guess what? It’s STAYING. Go me!!

Ahem. Anyway. My photos. They are my mental-health moments and very important! They bring me peace, hope and joy. I haven’t stopped taking them. They’re just parked over HERE on Instagram. If you’ve missed them, please come over and follow. In fact, feel free to follow me anywhere and everywhere. Even here on my blog! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, followers, readers and friends… I appreciate you! One last shot of the beautiful water I am blessed and lucky enough to pass every day. Blissful.



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