Easy like Sunday- The fork in the road…

It’s been almost a year since this blog began, and I’ve added a few hundred followers, so I thought I’d share about who I am, what I’m doing here… and how I came to this fork in the road.

To begin: My name is Sheryl Nelsen Hutton and I am The Self-Help Whisperer™.  What exactly does that mean?

  • I’ve read hundreds of self-help books (possibly thousands, I didn’t keep track).
  • I’ve kept a whole bunch of them.
  • I have tried most-everything the great ones suggest, with mostly great success.
  • I’ve tried most-everything the good ones suggest, with pretty-darned good success.
  • Okay, I’ve tried too many things the bad ones suggest. Some, even worked! But mostly not.
  • And then I’ve quit doing what any of them suggested. I think this may make me human. Oh, yeah, add that to the list. I’m human.
  • I’m old. (Kinda. I’ll be sixty this year. That used to be ancient. Now, it’s “Meh.”)
  • I’ve seen some things.
  • I’ve done some things.
  • I’ve NOT done some things.
  • I’ve learned some things about others.
  • I’ve learned some things about myself.
  • I’m not afraid to look stupid. I mean, YouTube. Seriously.
  • While I have shame, I also have no shame. If you know what I mean. You don’t? How to explain? I am ashamed of myself for some of my choices. It appears I have no shame when I share them. But I do. And not.

I’ve had so many blogs before this one. As the great creator/destructor, there have been a few (uh, six? seven? I can’t even remember). One thing they all lacked was direction. So, this time, I determined that I would choose something outside myself – kind of – and looked around the room. There, on my bookshelves, was the answer. All those self-help books!

My direction was now clear, and the name organically (buzz word alert!) emerged. I am a Whisperer. I read stuff. I feel (intuit) stuff. I know stuff. I share it with you. Do I know more about self-help than the average bear? I think so. 🙂

It’s been almost a year since I began this blog – and that’s a milestone for me. My others lasted between one and eight months.

And yes, I have come to bit of a fork in the road. Let me tell you about it…

From the beginning, this blog felt different. After all, as mentioned, I now had direction. I had something to hang my hat on: self-help books. If nothing else, I had shelves and shelves of the things to write about.

But then, I  wanted to add to the books, as you can see on my “Categories” list. And I began reaching and stretching out to others. I have a couple of interviews under my belt and also a couple of book reviews that were requested, which is a huge honor!

I am not a viral sensation, by anyone’s standards. But… I feel it. Something’s in the air… and I want to grab on while the grabbin’s good!

The Self-Help Whisperer™ has become more than a hobby.

One thing is clear… I could not have come this far without YOU, my faithful, kind and valued readers and followers. It can’t be said enough: THANK YOU!

Not sure which way I’m going yet… but I’m going… and you’re coming with me!!


  1. …and I’m on the journey with you! Appreciate your courage, my friend!

    Love, Becki

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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