Easy like Sunday- The fork in the road…

It’s been almost a year since this blog began, and I’ve added a few hundred followers, so I thought I’d share about who I am, what I’m doing here… and how I came to this fork in the road.

To begin: My name is Sheryl Nelsen Hutton and I am The Self-Help Whisperer™.  What exactly does that mean?

  • I’ve read hundreds of self-help books (possibly thousands, I didn’t keep track).
  • I’ve kept a whole bunch of them.
  • I have tried most-everything the great ones suggest, with mostly great success.
  • I’ve tried most-everything the good ones suggest, with pretty-darned good success.
  • Okay, I’ve tried too many things the bad ones suggest. Some, even worked! But mostly not.
  • And then I’ve quit doing what any of them suggested. I think this may make me human. Oh, yeah, add that to the list. I’m human.
  • I’m old. (Kinda. I’ll be sixty this year. That used to be ancient. Now, it’s “Meh.”)
  • I’ve seen some things.
  • I’ve done some things.
  • I’ve NOT done some things.
  • I’ve learned some things about others.
  • I’ve learned some things about myself.
  • I’m not afraid to look stupid. I mean, YouTube. Seriously.
  • While I have shame, I also have no shame. If you know what I mean. You don’t? How to explain? I am ashamed of myself for some of my choices. It appears I have no shame when I share them. But I do. And not.

I’ve had so many blogs before this one. As the great creator/destructor, there have been a few (uh, six? seven? I can’t even remember). One thing they all lacked was direction. So, this time, I determined that I would choose something outside myself – kind of – and looked around the room. There, on my bookshelves, was the answer. All those self-help books!

My direction was now clear, and the name organically (buzz word alert!) emerged. I am a Whisperer. I read stuff. I feel (intuit) stuff. I know stuff. I share it with you. Do I know more about self-help than the average bear? I think so. 🙂

It’s been almost a year since I began this blog – and that’s a milestone for me. My others lasted between one and eight months.

And yes, I have come to bit of a fork in the road. Let me tell you about it…

From the beginning, this blog felt different. After all, as mentioned, I now had direction. I had something to hang my hat on: self-help books. If nothing else, I had shelves and shelves of the things to write about.

But then, I  wanted to add to the books, as you can see on my “Categories” list. And I began reaching and stretching out to others. I have a couple of interviews under my belt and also a couple of book reviews that were requested, which is a huge honor!

I am not a viral sensation, by anyone’s standards. But… I feel it. Something’s in the air… and I want to grab on while the grabbin’s good!

The Self-Help Whisperer™ has become more than a hobby.

One thing is clear… I could not have come this far without YOU, my faithful, kind and valued readers and followers. It can’t be said enough: THANK YOU!

Not sure which way I’m going yet… but I’m going… and you’re coming with me!!


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