A Little Whisperer-ly Advice – Why do things like this keep happening?

If you’re like me… and I bet you are… you, from time-to-time wonder…

Why do things like this keep happening?

Let me give an example from — yes! — my own life.

After several months of reallocating and recalculating our finances to make room for the financial anvil that plopped itself into our lives, we were finally getting into the groove of our new-normal. It’s been a toughie but we pride ourselves on weathering these kinds of storms with love-and-marriage intact.

My dad is home with mom and they are doing about as well as can be expected after the six months of hell they endured (because of Dad’s fall, first mentioned here). Better than that, actually, as mom has written a short story that was accepted into a local showcase! Also, she’s writing a novel that needs just a bit more spit-and-polish before it hits some lucky publisher. Dad is puttering, which is good, and doing woodworking and gardening befitting a man in his 80’s who nearly died but refused to give-in or up. Kinda like a metaphor for all of life: Falling down and getting back up… right?

None of my children are in crisis. Praise God and all that is holy. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that means something meaningful. No surgeries, cancers, or suicide attempts.

Job is going okay. I like going, though I’m very part-time, which is tough on the paycheck. However, it gives me more time to concentrate on making this blog and assorted other stuff into a paying gig of some kind.

My husband and I, and our cats, are doing pretty good, thankyavery much.

My favorite season is on the horizon – tomorrow is the first day of Fall! – and the weather has cooled. Blissful.


The night before last, we were in bed reading when my husband says, “Where’s Hannah?” Our 8-year-old cat Bette was between us and 2-year-old Hannah usually gets up on the end of the bed, or on my lap. I was knee-deep in a book and hadn’t noticed.

We couldn’t find her anywhere. As in… any. where. We lifted the couch, stuck our arms inside that flimsy material under the box springs to see if she’d taken advantage of (the late-great) Tess and Missy’s old hidey-place. Both used it at one time or another but neither Bette nor Hannah do. No, she wasn’t there. She was nowhere to be found.

Long-story-short… she must have made a mad dash behind my husband (and out the door) when he wasn’t looking. Our cats are 100% indoor cats… as all of them have been.

So, there we were outside at nearly-midnight, barefoot and in our PJ’s, looking for her with flashlights. Right around 2am, we realized there was no finding her and came to bed. After a fitful three hours of sleep, we were up and at it again, with no luck.

Perhaps you need to understand that we’re … uh… what might be called… cat people. Yeah. Our cats are our “kids”… and we love them. A lot. A whole lot.

Yesterday, my husband stayed home from work to look and I planned on coming home at 1pm. When I got home, he headed over to the foster home where we got Hannah to see if she was going on an Incredible Journey (remember that story?)  and I started walking the neighborhood again. Forty-five minutes later, I was so discouraged, as I headed back home. I was walking past the next door neighbor’s house when I caught a glimpse between fence slats… it was black & white! Yes, it was Hannah! She hadn’t been there before… and we don’t know what she did all night… but what happens in Catville stays in Catville. All we know is our girl is back home, safe and sound. Thank goodness! We were so tired that all of us, cats included, took a nap at 3pm.

Today felt like … ah … we can breathe a little.


My husband’s mother fell and fractured her hip. She’s in her late 80s and they say it’s “small” but she has to have surgery. After seeing what happened with my dad, we know something that doesn’t seem that bad can be very bad – indeed! – for an older person. So, were thankful but prayers and good juju would be appreciated.

Isn’t it interesting that … once again… there is “falling down” and “getting up”?

I was driving home from work and thinking… why does this stuff keep happening? Why can’t things just go smoothly?

Then it hit me: Life is all about ups and downs. NOBODY’S life is all ups.

So, all that preamble to say that I’ve spent… no, wasted… too many hours asking… “Why?” There is no answer. Except maybe this: This is life.

Falling down… and getting back up. Ups and downs.

Today’s featured photo is of the brat who caused all the trouble. Don’t let that sweet, upside-down face fool you… she’s a wicked one! lol

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