Easy like Sunday – Just thinkin’

Because it’s “Easy like Sunday” I will not be sharing links today. I’m telling you because I’ll expect you to go find whatever I’m talking about, if you’re interested. Otherwise, just come along for the ride. Mmmk?

I listened to a neat Oprah interview with RuPaul on YouTube today. The thing that stands out is that he mentioned Murder She Wrote and how much he loves and finds inspiration from both the star, Angela Lansbury and the show’s protagonist, Mrs. Jessica Beatrice (JB) Fletcher. I appreciate it because I am a mega-fan and my husband, who wasn’t that keen on it before, is right there with me now. We watch it faithfully, every night at 7pm, over and over and over. RuPaul mentioned how JB Fletcher is aware of her surroundings and sees truth… and how he strives for the same in his life. It’s funny, because my husband and I have tried to figure out what it is about that show that brings us back, time after time, and what RuPaul said is a part of it. Of course, we’re entertained. That almost goes without saying. But it’s more than that. We love how Mrs. Fletcher reacts – or doesn’t – so-much-so that sometimes, when we find ourselves in a sticky situation, we wonder: What would Jessica do?

After the great Hannah-Escape of late summer (since it’s now officially fall) we are settling back down to blissful family life with our cats. Hannah seems restless, though. I wish it was safe for her (and her fur-sister Bette) to go outside… but we are not on a farm and have a very small property that would hold them captive for exactly not-at-all. I would love a catio. Have you seen them? They are beautiful enclosures for cats… one friend of mine has a ultra-awesome one with trees and shady spots and room for a whack of cats, which is a good thing, since they have… seven, I think. Talk about bliss! I had a friend, years ago, that was waaaaay ahead of her time. She built her own catio and it’s where the cats stayed all the time. It was the desert of California so it was almost-always warm out there but also had a fully-covered doghouse with enough room for her four rescued (possibly feral) cats. It kept critters like coyotes and snakes out. Totally neat. The desert may seem like a good place for cats, with all that free space for roaming, but it’s not. Too many hazards… like crazies with guns who shoot at Joshua Trees (which is now illegal because it’s a protected tree! Yay!) One of our cats was shot, which is why I know. Another was hit by a car because even with all that free space… cats do what they wanna, like cross busy roads. What is it Maya Angelou says? When you know better, you do better. I now know better, which is why our cats are 100% indoors-only. But if we had a catio… sigh. A girl can dream!

Speaking of dreams, I’ve had a few weird ones lately. In one, my car was towed from one parking space to another. I was lost and couldn’t find her. I’d see her and turn away for a moment and turn back and she’d be gone. On the plus side, I’d had a make-over and my hair was brown instead of gray. I liked it. I’ve spent the better part of the last two years getting my hair to where it is today, naturally salt-and-peppery. Am I secretly – so secret even I don’t know – hating it?

The other dream I had involved my mother. We met at an elementary school to watch – of all things – Murder She Wrote together. One of us said something that irritated the other and we got into an argument. I left. On a side note: We were both dressed beautifully. Like, I was wearing a black dress and hosiery and the most beautiful knee-high black suede boots. If you know me, you know that I have pretty-much never dressed like that, since I am Mother Earth or Mother Salvation Army/Goodwill reincarnated. So, what do you think about those dreams? I’m lost? Murder? Mother? Kick-ass boots? What’s it all meeeeeeeeeean?

Finally, I’ve tried talking Politics-lite on this page, with terrible results, so I don’t do that anymore. But it’s always a backdrop. Always. And it doesn’t matter which side you’re on… both pretty-much suck. I’m only including it here because I find I’m thinking about what’s happening to our country and the world… kinda always.

So, that’s what I’m thinking about on this “Easy like Sunday”. How about you?


  1. So, my friends at a Wild Birds Unlimited will tell me that it’s important to keep cats indoors because they kill so many songbirds. My veterinarian said that all cats should be indoor cats. I know, it does seem cruel, doesn’t it? Hopefully it’s just our anthropomorphism, assuming cats are like humans and need freedom. Maybe they just need people to love them and yummy food. 😉

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