Bio Moment – Junk Heap

Forgive me in advance. I’m in a mood. What kind of mood? A junk heap kinda mood.

What’s not to love about my featured photo? It’s junk. It’s a heap. Actually, truth be told, it’s the leftovers of a GM plant that was being torn down… and then wasn’t. I don’t get it. Start a job and finish it, people! Instead, not only did we have almost an entire year of smelly-dusty-possibly-dangerous air to breath, we now have this eye-sore to look at. Blech!

The really creepy part is that just down the street, there is the facade of an assembly line that housed offices on top. Street side, there is a brick building with windows, covered in graffiti. On the other side, there is air, because… yeah, the building has been 99% torn down.

It’s been around for a long time. I heard that a Titanic survivor worked there. Just an aside I found kinda neat, being a Titanic buff and all.

The plant was originally on both sides of the street and was bustling as recently as ten years ago. Not a fantastical bustling… I think that stopped in the 1970s or 80s. But bustling enough. Sometimes, as I drove to work, I had to stop for the guys as they buzzed from one side of the street to the other in their special GM cart… and always, the guy who was riding along had one foot on the console, enjoying the ride.


I know I’m not depressed, at least in the clinical sense of the word. I’m taking my meds.

Hmmm… I think I might be angry. Again. See all my musings on anger here, if you’re interested.

When I’m angry, I don’t feel like reading. Not anything. I have a shelf full of books I’ve been waiting to read and I even picked up a fun mystery from the library to listen to on my way to-and-from work. Have I listened to it? No. I mean, I listened to approximately 1/2 of one CD and got bored. And it’s not boring! I love the author! And the reader is fine. I’m just… well, it’s been said… in a mood.

So, I didn’t write yesterday and I didn’t feel like writing today. But I really felt I should. I know, I know… no *shoulds* allowed. I really wanted to! Sorta. As I was driving home, I thought of several clever ideas to convey my dilemma. How do these sound?

  • Alphabet Soup – where I describe how all the letters in my mind are jumbled in a broth of putrid bad ideas. Featured photo would be soup. With letters.
  • Word Constipation – where I describe how all the words in my mind are jumbled in a colon full of putrid bad ideas. Featured photo would be a colon. Bloated and about to burst from the bad ideas. Maybe with green gasses coming out of it.
  • Where’s Dexter when you need him? – where I describe how all the words in my mind have been murdered and are now rotting in a field of putrid bad ideas. Featured photo would be Dexter. And an axe. In a field. But that’s as far as I got.

I think there’s a theme. Ya think?

In other news, we are now in the month of my One Year Blog-iversary. (Cue streaming ribbons.) October 20, 2017 was my first post.


Where did I think I’d be right now?

Get ready.

  • On Oprah.  — Didn’t happen.
  • 100% full-time blogging at home making tens of thousands of dollars.  — Didn’t happen.
  • On a book tour for my stunning new novel or a book about the lives I’ve saved blogging.  — Didn’t happen.

I put it on my vision board. I dreamed it into reality. Except it was only a dream. Oh, boo hoo. I make me sick sometimes. Ugh.

I have so much to be thankful for… and I really, REALLY try to remember those things. But some days… and maybe some seasons… like, emotional seasons… I just can’t.

Maybe, just maybe… this is the season of being irked. Royally.

So, forgive me for not writing more about books lately. I’ll get back at it soon. I also have another interview on board and this one is a MAN. And a spectacularly interesting one, at that! I can hardly wait to share his story.

Tomorrow is YouTube Tuesday. Can I go on and just mumble? Cry? Throw things? No? Bummer.

Thank you for your patience and care, folks. It’s appreciated.




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