YouTube Tuesdays – Yeeegads!

Once upon a time, there was a blogger who made a half-dozen YouTube videos or so. She reveled in her authenticity and “regular-person-ness” and it was … scary, embarrassing and a little bit crazy.

Yet, it was good. She was proud of herself.

Her husband, her mother and a handful of faithful friends watched and cringed with her… not AT her… WITH.

Yes, good. She appreciated and loved them.

And then came the day when it stopped.

The End.

If I could make a video and put it here instead of having you read this, I would. Just because it would seem fitting, ya know?

But alas, social media has outwitted me, as it has so many times before. I love computers… but the attendant stuff… like anything else… not so much.

Anyway, here’s what happened.

I picked a topic to talk about today. I set up my video equipment — haha, cuz actually, I have none. I perched my phone up against a pile of books — and began to talk.

Almost immediately, there were problems.

  • Cat meowing at the closed-door.
    • Start over.
  • Louder meow.
    • Start over.
  • Louder still.
    • Start over.
  • Cat clawing on door.
    • Start over.
  • Cat pushing hard ball with bell inside against said-door.
    • Start over.
  • Husband texting that he’s coming home early.
    • Start over.
  • Me, having to stop, to text him back that it’s YouTube Tuesday and to be very quiet coming home.
    • Start over.
  • He, tiptoeing in and sounding remarkably louder than ever before. Also, he had to pee. Ahem.
    • Start over.
  • Son calls me in middle of another kick at the can.
    • Start over.

As I believe you can ascertain, I don’t know how to edit. I’m just a silly 60-yr. old with a dream to make it big on YouTube, ladies and gents. And not even that. Know what I mean?

So, over and over and over again… no kidding… I tried to film that thing. By the last time, only an hour ago, I was losing my voice, sweating and my rosacea flared, making my nose look like a ripened strawberry.


But finally, I finished. Geez Louise and all that is holy, thank Jesus.

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!

YouTube CHANGED. I can no longer simply download my video. Not even to my Facebook page! Did I mention Facebook changed, TOO?????

OMG. Seriously? Yes, actually. Seriously.

So, I have a perfectly good video where I’m sharing that I’m taking a hiatus to examine the finer points of movie production… which is only to say… I’m taking a YouTube break for a few weeks, months or until the end of time…

… and I can’t USE the darned thing.

But here’s what I figured out. This (YouTube) isn’t “meant to be” at this point in my life. Possibly EVER.

So, what do I want to say about it?

  1. Thank you Hubby, Mom, Michelle, Tom, Becki, Louise and Betsy, for watching and sharing and caring. I love you guys.
  2. That leaves about a half-dozen of you who I don’t know, but watched. Thank you, too!
  3. There’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about every week. I’d rather write ANY DAY.
  4. I won’t miss you, YT.

I saw this quote I’d like to share in closing: Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy. –Richard Stallman

I call bullshit.



  1. Your Tuesday videos were wonderful Sherry, and your levels of comfort and skill were growing with each new installment. On a personal level, they marked another milestone in your evolution as the Self-Help Whisperer, which in my book makes them a success. Taking time out right now to reevaluate makes perfect sense, just don’t let it dampen your spirit. Lots of love coming your way!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, you kill me!!😂 You were wonderful and I hope you get back to it at some point, because I enjoyed your vulnerability, authenticity, and humor! You’re a natural, even if technology doesn’t come naturally. I eagerly await your next installment!👍🏼😁❤️❤️💙💛

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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