Selp-Helf – “Mirfanda” is actually a thing!

Set Realistic Expectatchons:

If you have high dreams and goals, you probly wont ever achieve them and you will get depressed. So hear is a list of realistic expectatchons you should have.

  • Breath
  • look
  • hear
  • wach TV
  • eat
  • potty
  • sit
  • read this book

–Miranda Sings in Selp-Helf

Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings may have become an instant best-seller on Amazon but to Mirfandas, it was no surprise. And really, before I even begin… how big a star are you when your fans have a name that lands them in the Urban Dictionary? I mean, c’mon. Check out the link… for real!

Miranda Sings is not afraid to make fun of herself. Or anything else. She’s also not afraid to wear a red lip. And, by the way, her lips are fabulous.

Too bad there’s no such person as Miranda Sings. I mean, she’s a character of Colleen Ballinger‘s. She’d have to be, or this book would never fly. Cuz, yeah, it’s written… in an unusual way… and by this I mean with scribbled handwriting and drawings, along with photos of things like, uh, a tampon (no, it fits! It’s in the chapter on monthly lady time!).

It’s co-authored by Christopher Ballinger, who is Colleen’s brother, but not Miranda’s, if you know what I mean. So, his participation could be a little confusing if things like this confuse you. He’s not credited on the front of the book but is included throughout and has a short blurb on the back, inside jacket.

Most-everything is spelled wrong and it looks like a six-year-old put it together, which might be annoying, if you find those kinds of things annoying.IMG_1524

Did it make me laugh? Yes, yes it did. Take, for example, this photo of a drawing. It’s Miranda, being born.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. It’s the doctor’s face. And mom’s legs… and heck, it’s just funny. If you like that kind of thing. (<<< Did I go too far with this one?)

Honestly, I didn’t know who she was when I picked up the book. It was just… funny. But a little view into her website, linked above, and you will see she’s got quite the following!

It’s a cute book and intertaining… geez, I mean entertaining. It’s rubbing off on me! LOL And maybe today is just the kind of day to pick it up. No thinking required. No note-taking. No nothing. Just turn the pages, chuckle here and there, and set it down.

Actually, it would make a great bathroom book. And I don’t mean that in a bad way! Because, it would be a tough one to read straight through… you need to put it down and let stuff sink in. Not really, about the “sinking in” I mean. It’s not deep and no matter how hard I tried to find just one deep meaning, I couldn’t.

So, there ya go.

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