Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Josh: You may say he’s a grief dreamer

Hey, you guys… you’re gonna love my next interview!

What can I say about a young man with an old soul who I only met because of serendipity?

Several years ago, I was introduced to Josh… at a funeral home. I have no idea how I ended up there, except I was with my husband. It was somewhere around “the year that almost killed me” and I’ve written about it here and there. So, I wasn’t quite in my right mind at the time.

I remember listening to Josh, who was the main speaker, and being too afraid to raise my hand when he asked if anyone had dreamed of a loved one who had passed recently…

Because, see… that is what Josh does. He is a searcher, healer, sharer and gifter (yeah, I know, not a real word but it seems to fit). My friends, he is a Dream Whisperer. Specifically, a Grief Dream Whisperer.

The dream I’d had and wanted to share was about my ex-husband, who died in 2014. Our son and I were in a train station, on a lower platform. We looked up and saw my ex-husband above us on an upper tier, smiling. I somehow heard his voice above the din, and he said: “Don’t worry. I’m good. The kids will be fine!” He looked strong and healthy. He kinda waved and then turned and walked away, blending into the crowd.

It wasn’t the first, nor the last of these kinds of dreams. I’ve actually written about a few on this blog.

Later, I wrote Josh an email about that particular dream and he loved it. So did I. It’s one of my favorites because it gave me such a sense of peace. I was close to my ex-husband and he died suddenly. Nobody got to say goodbye. I felt I didn’t have a right to, either, being the “ex” and all. But this gave me an opportunity… and also reminded me, as our children have told me many times since his death,  that I was also an important part of his life, as he was in mine. We were among the lucky few (at least in my experience) who succeeded in our attempts to remain close after the marriage ended.

But see, the dream said it, too. My dreaming mind… or perhaps my ex, himself… wanted me to know…

I’m fine. The people we both love will be fine. Goodbye.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE dream work!!

If you’re interested in learning more about Josh and all he’s doing, writing, speaking and living…

… or love dissecting dreams…

… or wonder if someone you love, who has passed on…  has been trying to contact you through your dreams…

…you’ll want to read more about his fantastic work!

I can hardly wait to tell you all about him! Look for my interview in the next week or so!

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