Remember this one? – Sacred Space

Another of my mother’s finds, Denise Linn’s Sacred Space is the kind of book you’ll go to again and again. It’s not a “read from cover-to-cover” kinda book. More like a… workbook… although there are no exercises or assignments.

You’ve heard of Feng Shui. This book touches on the many approaches to it. But it’s really just included in one small section about the placement of things. The vast majority of the book is about… not placement… but alchemy, energy, harmony and the notion that nothing exists in isolation.

It begins with a story that I could have written myself. A man, severely depressed, sees the author, a practitioner. He is under the care of a doctor and on medication, to no avail. The practitioner says, “Tell me about your drawers [at home].” The man is confused, frustrated, possibly a little angry. What does this have to do with anything?

By now you may have figured out… it has a lot to do with everything.

And so begins a book about clearing, cleansing and yes, cleaning, too. And once you’ve done that, your home and your body can live in sync. It’s about creating peace, safety, purpose and passion.

I’ve never seen a better book on this subject. I’ve bought a few… and they touch on this kind of thing… but this is the definitive guide.

So, what kinds of things have I done? The first thing I did was rid myself of clutter. (And yes, I did pick up the fabulous little The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo that came out last year. I loved it! And yes, I will be discussing it in a later post. This is not the kind of de-cluttering I mean. Keep reading >>>) And not just cluttery-clutter but things that held no meaning for me. Consequently, I can walk around any room in the house and tell you why I’ve kept each item. I can also tell you who gave things to me. (I can do this with almost 100% accuracy. I won’t lie… there are some things I just love and can’t remember who gave it to me but I keep it anyway. The energy says “love”… that’s what matters most.)  This includes literally everything in the room. I have been known to get rid of or destroy things that were esthetically beautiful but held icky energy. For example, I was once very close to a woman who one day decided to cut me out of her life. She’d given me gifts over the years… some quite beautiful. But they were no longer beautiful… they carried bad feelings and juju. I’m sure you understand.

The book goes so much deeper than this… about how what is in your home is reflected in your body… and vise-versa. Remember that bit about nothing existing in isolation? This is where it comes in. Because when your house is in unison, you’ll be in unison. And really, even if you think this is a bunch of BS, you have to admit that being surrounded by people and things you love can only be a good thing. There is so much chaos outside our realm and we have so little control about a lot of things… but one place we can control is what comes in our house — or in our mouths, to pull the house/ body thread tighter.

Like I said, this is a spiritual book but it’s so much more. It talks about aromatherapy, lights, plants, candles, prayer, drumming, crystals, stones, wind chimes… pretty-much anything you can think of… it just feels good to read it. Kind of reminds me of a DVD I love. I’ve never done the  Ali McGraw Yoga Mind & Body workout… but I havewatched it – several times. It’s gorgeous, as she is… and so calming. The sand, the music, the sun… ah… sigh.

That’s the kind of book it is…

Originally posted by me on Nov. 8, 2017


  1. Beautiful job, Sherry! You really did justice to this beautiful book, and you’ve inspired me to go back and read this book once again!

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