Easy like Sunday – *knock, knock* Housekeeping! Also, a neat book at the end. You’re welcome!

I did a little light housekeeping in August. Evidently, a deeper cleaning was needed. And so, I come to you with my bucket of sudsy water and a mop. Be careful, it’s gonna get slippery in here!

How far can I take this metaphor? Grab your rubber gloves and come with me! 

No stranger to blogging, I came prepared. Write/ publish. Write/ publish. Easy-peasy.

Then, I wanted to gain a wider audience, so I added FB… still okay. It was going smooth, like a freshly waxed floor. Oh, wait, I’ve lapsed into simile. (I make me laugh!) I also changed over my Pinterest to a professional account. Still, going okay. Write/ publish/ share, Write/ publish/ share.

But THEN, I was told I needed this social media and that social media… until I had, like… SIX different accounts. Then, it’s like, you need to post to all of them all the time. Then, it’s like, you need to purchase this program to post to all of them on your behalf because there’s no way in hell you can do it yourself unless you quit your day job.

You know, they say your house is a reflection of your life. And my house was a mess. (And so ends the housekeeping metaphor. If that was a metaphor.)

I tried to do it all, friends. I really did! The first to bite the dust (oh, crap. Have I lapsed into a cowboy metaphor now?) was YouTube (as explained here). Then FB said they’d no longer post to my personal account, so I had to create a business one. Exactly 43 people who were already on my friends list liked it… so, uh, why did I need it again? I just lost over 100 potential readers. It makes no sense! Blah, blah, blah. I’m sure you’re bored now. I know I am!

So, we’ve been left with what we’re left with. And that’s okay with me.

Now, to pay you back for reading this far, I’m going to share about a book I briefly mentioned months ago called, the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo (lower case is used on the book, so I just went with it.) It’s a perfect little book for this post… and really… for any. time, any. where. It’s fantastic!

I first mentioned it HERE and promised to come back and write about it, but didn’t. I’m sorry about that! I have a great system for keeping track of books I’ve written about and since I’d written about it, I put it there. My bad and your loss… until now. Yay, me! Yay, you!

I have read through this book a half-dozen times since buying it new in 2014. I heard about it and immediately gravitated towards it as I am a purger-extraordinaire of things and stuff. I thought I might feel a kinship with Kondo – and I did.

I have realized that I was not purging for a feeling of minimalism or simplicity, as Kondo describes. My purging was letting go of extra weight in my home… and emotionally, I believe I was releasing weight in the most comfortable way I could (deep realization that’s worthy of another post).

This book has guided and reminded me of why I keep what I do: It brings me joy. Sometimes, that joy is masked in tears, but in the end, it’s all about joy. This is not to say that I’m an expert. Far from it! I still have way too many DVDs, for example, some I’ve watched once and kept because I might want to watch it again “one day”. I know the difference… I do!… because something like The Sound of Music or Annie Hall vs. Ernest Goes to Jail or Dodgeball (and sorry, don’t feel like getting the links – it’s Easy like Sunday!)… well, you can see the difference. When I hold The Sound of Music, it’s to my heart, with love and reverence. Not to sound too sappy.


Anyhow, Kondo’s book is excellent, wonderful and also incredibly helpful. Big recommendation from me. You’re welcome!

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