A Series – The Alchemist – Part 1

Some books are *so* important, they require more than one post.

This is not to say that any other books didn’t deserve “A Series”… just that with this one, it feels necessary. Why? Because. I don’t know. It just is.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a book I hadn’t read, though it feels impossible. Never? Surely… me?… the self-help Queen, would have read it! If I did, it was from the library and forgotten along the way. And so, when my youngest daughter mentioned it, I thought… oh, I must remember to read this book. But one thing and another got in the way. Until now.

Yesterday, I found it in my fave used book section. It sat alone, calling out to me, though I almost missed it. This afternoon, I read the introduction and thought, “Yes, this book deserves some chewing, some savoring…” and so, the idea of “A Series” bubbled to the surface.

And here we are.

I just read the introduction by Coelho and … well… it could be a book all by itself! It is 2002, his book is ten years old and has been translated into fifty-six languages. It has sold more than twenty million copies.

He explains how he wrote his little book – a parable – in Brazil, and how it became a success… despite being told it was impossible. The parable becomes life and life is the parable.

There is a personal calling, which is “God’s blessing and the path God has chosen for you here on earth.”

Though, the path is not easy or obstacle-free. And therein lies the lessons from the Introduction…

The Four Obstacles:

  1. We are told from childhood that everything we want to do is impossible. Short-form: Impossible
  2. We  know what we want but are afraid of hurting those around us to get it. Short-form: Love
  3. When we fight for our dream and have staked everything on it…  and feel defeat, we don’t want to keep trying. Short-form: Patience
  4. Realizing our dream is still there and going nowhere, it is time to grab it. Except… then comes the fear of realizing the dream. Short-form: Fear

There is a quote in the Intro which fits perfectly:

Each man kills the thing he loves. – Oscar Wilde

How many times have we (I) been thwarted… sabotaged… by… well, it’s been said, hasn’t it… Self?

I’m reminded of several times throughout my life… where I stood on the precipice… the edge of something new… and, dare I say?… dangerous? Each time, there was a moment of recognition that yes, I had “arrived”… only to get in the car and go home. And in one case, not even home. Away.

There have been pivotal times in my life that I made a poor self-sabotaging choice that ruined all chances of following my dream – after I’d held it in my hands, for crying out loud! How sad is that?

May I be so bold and honest as to say that I am feeling it NOW, at this time in my life?

I believe that turning 60 (next month) is part of the reason I’m feeling so conflicted… and rushed.

My dream? … you may wonder what it is… to HELP vulnerable people and/or animals.

Guess what? I had a job assisting people with disabilities. I had a job (my own business!) helping parents of children with disabilities. I had a job helping cats.

I took a cannon and blew them all out of the water. 

But the dream is still viable. Here. On this blog, even.

My dream has ALWAYS BEEN to care, to reach out, to assist, to be a partner in…

And here, I am!

Now, to DO THIS THING!!!

NEXT: Part 2 of this series over the weekend.  




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