Bio Moment – Yoga pants at a tea party?

I was invited somewhere today. I am invited somewhere different next weekend. I wasn’t going to go to either. Want to know why? Anxiety. To be specific, my stupid anxiety.

I’ve talked about it more than I like among these blog posts, so no need to delve deeply. All I’ll say is that today I did something different. I decided to rise above it and just GO.

The gathering was about soap. A work bud I’ve known for years sells soap. Not Zest or Dove… har, har… you knew that already, right? But beautiful, scented with oil, soap. I thought… heck, how difficult can this be? Go, look at soap, buy a bar, leave. Easy, peasy. And this is where I want to stop and talk about expectations. I used them to make myself go but didn’t consider other possibilities, like, say… well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I showered, dried my hair and dressed as if I were headed to the gym afterwards. Yoga pants, a hoodie, my tennies, no make-up. I needed Siri to help me get there… and that last street I turned onto gave me the slightest hint that perhaps I had underestimated the dress code. Her house is on a Lakeview lot and … people, I would live in a tent on her lawn, if I could. She, however, did not. She lives in a gorgeous house. And! She was just then serving tea. I had stumbled into her tea party that included her mother’s favorite recipe coconut cake and tiny shortbread cookies. As I peeled off my layers and stood in my … well, I already described it… I began to get nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I began to sweat. I thought to myself, well, there’s only my pal and her sister, who I also have known for years but hadn’t seen for the last two and a friend of hers. Might as well be honest.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t dress for tea. I didn’t know. Honestly, I’m so embarrassed. My anxiety is peaking right now,” I said, as I wiped my sweaty brow with the linen napkin folded so nicely next to my tea-cup.

And so, we had a conversation about anxiety and guess what? The sisters understand! They have it, too… and as we talked, stories were told… lots of laughter… and yummy goodies. The tea and coconut cake was delicious. And then, the sister said to me:

“Sheryl. I want to tell you something. Do you remember, years ago, you gave me a card? It was little, like this,” she said as she drew it on the table with her fingers. “It had been a very bad day – lots of drama in the office – and I came back from a sales call and you’d left it for me. You’d written in it… and said I was a bright star in the office. I saved that card all these years. When I read it, I almost left in tears.”

I’d forgotten about that card but as she talked, I remembered. Again, as I’ve said so often in this space, I beg you to reach out when you have the opportunity. You never know who you’ll touch with your kindness and compassion.

I ended up staying for two hours and they even talked about going to the event I’m invited to next week. Remember the post I wrote a week or so ago? The one about a woman who called out of the blue and remembered me from the other paper? Well, she bought an ad from me for a seminar she’s doing next week. It’s all about health and healing (and a little psychic stuff thrown in) and she offered me a ticket. I’m nervous but it sounds like something really neat… so I’m doing it afraid, friends! Well, the ladies saw the ad in the paper and asked me about it. Now they want to go, too. Neat, huh?

Then, we went to her little workshop… which is a dream… (I’m not jealous, just a little envious)… and I bought some soap and a pretty tea mug with a lid. I love beautiful tea cups and mugs… oh gosh, I should show you the one my mother got for me last year with the most luscious tea. Now, where was I? Ha! On the way home, I stopped and got more of my favorite tea (I’d run out) and it so happens, it’s the tea they were serving, which is what reminded me.

Afterwards, I took some photos. Look at this beauty:


The pier looks like it’s floating, doesn’t it? Just wowsers.

So yeah, had a lovely day and made it out alive, even in these dumb yoga pants. I keep meaning to do yoga but I never do. Maybe these pants should wait for when I do? There’s really no place else they’re appropriate. I’m still a little embarrassed about them. Can you tell?


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